Object or objecting?


Today’s one-word prompt is OBJECT. Gosh I don’t like the new one-word prompts, they make me feel like a dog. They throw me a bone, instead of giving me a complete meal and I have to make the best out of it. Filling but not satisfying. 

At least we got nouns -so far. I thought it could be worse, they could use verbs or adjectives instead. Here is the prompt for today “catch.”

It got worse.

“Object,” now I have to think here…noun or verb? The English language is tricky, one has to be careful not to step into a trap.

What do they mean, or is it up to me to find out what it could mean? Do I want to write about an object, or just object the subject?

I think I object the subject. Yes I like that. (Back to work).





16 thoughts on “Object or objecting?

  1. Hey! Don’t knock my language! 😛 We didn’t go about “borrowing” words for thousands of years to be simple, yanno. ^_^ We also like to make words up — but that’s not just English other languages make things up and borrow words. We’re just really good at it.

    I tried learning Turkish once because I had a lot of Turkish friends in college, but there are a lot of words that rely on inflection and I was terrified of accidentally insulting someone’s mom every time I opened my mouth that I didn’t get very far. I only learned the greetings. Ha!

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