What…I am Mortal?



Sooner or later there comes a day when we realize that we are mortal. One day we will be gone. “Game over” and I think it frightens us at first.

Will people remember me? What legacy do I leave behind?

Those thoughts echo through our minds. I think that’s one of the reason why many of us older folks write a book or write a blog in the first place.

It seems we all have the desire to be heard and we hope that our written words will live on. That’s for sure why I write parts of my life down, that’s the reason why I share some of my life stories and memories -because I find them just too good to be forgotten. I might be the only one who thinks that and that’s alright. It’s my ego and I can pamper it any way I want to. 🙂

People around us will remember us and the next generation might still talk and write about us, but then I think we all will be forgotten. At least us normal folks, who don’t have the talent to compose like Mozart, paint like Van Gogh or write like Shakespeare.

I write about my Grandmother quite often, about her life and her wisdom, about my childhood and the way she made me the woman I am today. Giving me the beautiful childhood that I had and helping me find my way, that was her legacy. What will be mine?

My name is mentioned in a few books, right on the front in small font. Translated into ___ by ___. Guess what, nobody cares and reads that now and I don’t think that will change and I am fine with that, always have been…always will be.

I helped to create some crazy furniture pieces, they are used and abused in somebodies home. The pieces might be around for a long time, but nobody will remember me, the lady who comitted “the crime” and I am OK with that.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” — Shannon L. Alder

I believe that to be true. So I hope that some of my Godchildren and inherited children will remember some of the stories I told them. That would be a nice legacy to have for a short while.

Maybe it’s not about me at all! Maybe we all should step away from our own ego and think about the generations to come. What legacy will we – all of us-leave behind? Yes, maybe we should work on that a little bit more.


legacy 2Legacy







9 thoughts on “What…I am Mortal?

  1. You know what a journaler I’ve been all my life… In light of what you said, which I have strongly felt about the need to be remembered, isn’t it strange that this year I chose to stop doing all three of mine? I wonder why… I loved both those quotes.

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  2. I never thought about writing as legacy, but I think on some level you’re right. I better do a will in case my books sell after I’m gone 🙂 🙂 I suppose I always thought of my kids and grandkids as my legacy – just trying to raise good people who will raise good people and make the world a more thoughtful and kinder place. That’s not too shabby ❤


  3. Yes, being here on a temporary lease is a good way to move towards the end. Death as a reward for having lived well.
    In our case, we planted hundreds if not thousands of trees and made beautiful gardens. I suppose those trees and plants will continue telling their story.
    Then, the grandsons will surely remember the good times when golden pancakes were made for breakfasts. On my tomb stone; ‘Here lies a man who made the best pancakes.’ ( keep off the grass)


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