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I think open shelving system is something my generation invented, because they weren’t really around when I grew up -at least not on our farm. Everything was more hidden back then or behind glass. We had a little shelf in the kitchen and a small one in the living room, but nothing like the shelves we use today. 

Things have changed. Today we openly show our possessions; there are shelves full with CD’s and DVD’s, rows full with books, knickknacks and souvenirs. 

I visit many of my customers in their home, because I like to get an idea about their “way of life” before we start a bigger project. It’s interesting what a home can tell you, if you look around. 

I meet the people first in my workroom when we talk about their project and then, after they swallowed my “quote,” that’s when we meet on their territory. That’s the interesting part, to visualize a home just by talking to people.

So many words come to my mind: Elegant, modern, old fashioned, conservative, loud, shabby chic, sophisticated, cozy, cold and so many more. 

Do people’s homes match their personalities to begin with? Maybe when they are single, but what about couples? How do you squeeze two personalities in one home? 

I love to see the “compromises” that couples make. I can almost instantly point the one piece out that’s just there, because he or she insists on it. The memorabilia -the one piece that doesn’t match with anything else in the house- that’s often the most cherished one. I often see DREAM PIECES -that’s what I like to call them. A piece of furniture that people have, because it makes them reminisce about their past or it makes them dream about the future they would like to have; an emotional piece. 

I love to look at the shelves, they tell so much about their owners. The way they are made and what they hold. So many really good ideas are born out of necessity; many things live on and are recycled, just because money is an issue. Maybe that’s the logic behind all of it: Less money = more imagination and vise versa?

So I thought I am going to share some pictures about unusual shelves today, just because I love them.


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6 thoughts on “Open to anything

  1. All of those shelves are very clever … but the one that strikes me the most is the ladder. I’ve seen ladders used vertically as shelves, but never horizontally like this one. Creating a corner focus with two converging ladders made it even more interesting.

    LOVE the vertical garden in the feature photo though!

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