Another attack in Europe

je suis bruxelles 2

Another cowardly attack in Europe, this time in the center of the European Union in Brussels. Once again my heart is saddened and my European soul is crying.

“Hommage aux victimes des attentats de ce matin.”

Not the fictional stories make me became agnostic, but the violent and barbaric things human beings can do to each other. There is not an animal in this world that is as brutal as human beings can be.

There will be more hate, more ignorance, more pain and more fear. Religion is and has been the cause for many wars. If there is a god than he or she must be crying.

Killing seems to be so easy and loving so complicated.

I remember so well and can still see some of the pictures in my head. The terror attacks in the 70’s and 80’s left a scar in many of us. Then it was Baader-Meinhof, the RAF, The Basque’s, the PLO…now it’s ISIS. Just another group of extremists who kill in the name of a god for their cause -whatever that might be.

The names change and so do the places, but the terror is always the same. Terror is young in this country, we are suppose to live in fear since 9/11 but I chose not to.

I wrote this after the terror attack in Paris:

“Terrorist will NEVER win and there is no negotiating with them!”

ISIS didn’t invent terror! They are not special, they are just another group of evil fanatics and we should hunt them down, one by one, especially the ones that are hiding in our countries. We should interfere with their recruiting process and go after the people who finance these idiots.

My heart goes out to the refugees, who are caught in the middle. They ran away from ISIS and now it seems that ISIS made sure that they have no place to run to anymore.

This saddens me the most, we shouldn’t be so afraid, that we close the doors on people in need. We should never show fear – The Games must go on~! (Full post >>>here<<<

This makes me so sad.


Je suis bruxelles






21 thoughts on “Another attack in Europe

  1. “Killing seems to be so easy and loving so complicated.” I think that’s a very profound statement, Bridget. I struggle sometimes with the whole idea of evil in the world. I do believe that good outweighs the evil by a long shot, but look at how we ignore the good and reward the evil. Media is largely responsible for that, imo. The more coverage they give these fanatics, the more air time, the bolder they become. The problem doesn’t have to do with who or what a person believes in and worships, it has everything to do with the self-centeredness of mankind. We all have the potential of using that for evil within us. It’s the choices we make that are the problem.

    Utah is one of those Right to Bear Arms states that’s going to hold onto its guns come hell or high water. And as much as I wish someone would zap every gun in this world, the plain truth is, to a certain extent their motto is right. Guns don’t hurt people, people hurt people. And if all the guns in the world disappeared, people would pick up shovels, stones, sticks, whatever and still fight.

    We’re all so quick to stick spiritual beliefs into the equation, but I think we’ve got that wrong. And maybe when we can stop seeing the situation that way new ideas about how to stop it will present itself. Grousing about religion just sidetracks the issues. Same as with this election in this country. If we can’t come up with some intelligent plan to be our platform, then let’s fall back to abortion! Or putting up the Ten Commandments in the class rooms. They’re non-sequiturs in my opinion.

    On a personal level this has really upset me since we booked our cruise for next year around the British Isles. I can see me know taking a handful of Xanax before we take off from New York. I want to sleep through the whole damn flight because it frightens me thinking of what could happen. That’s what this evil does. It sucks the joy out of everyone and everything. (Oh dear… I wrote a novelette. Sorry, sweetie.)

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    • Don’t ever think about what could happen….EVER. I would have missed out on some great travels if I would have thought about “what could happen.”

      We are not safe, never have been. It was just an illusion in this country and 9/11 showed us reality.
      Terror attack are nothing new, this time it’s ISIS, 30 years ago it was left wing extremists.

      I watched people in Europe celebrating Freedom yesterday in Europe. They stood there hugging each other. Terror won’t stop them and it shouldn’t.

      As for guns, I do wish we would have less guns.

      Take your trip, have fun, because lets be honest, here we have mass shootings in movie theaters, schools, churches and other public places. More people get killed here, so get away for a while 🙂


      • I know you’re right. I can tell already that what was meant to be one of the greatest joys in my life is going to also be very anxiety producing. This wasn’t just a sight-seeing trip for me. I think it was a pilgrimage to Ireland. Now everything seems all cloudy. It makes me sad.

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        • Hon calm down. Year ago there were so many terror attack in Ireland, not even I dared to go there.
          We all die one day, neither one of us knows when and how. Thinking about how to be safe at all times will take the fun out of it and it will make you worry. And that’s the last thing we all need…more worry.


  2. Yes, there is a God who cries. John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” And see Jesus’ love in Luke 13:34,
    “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how
    often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings and you would not.” Doesn’t that sound like a God who cares? Harder to answer is why He turns over the dominion of the earth to man when he knows that evil lurks in the heart of man. But that will change and earth will be what God created it to be in the beginning, when he said, “That’s good.”

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    • You are kidding right? I mean is that what you think we need on a day like that, bible-swinging people?
      You really think that the big fairy tale book for adults will help?
      I have no problems with peoples believe, but in case you missed it: “I don’t believe, I am agnostic.”

      You might be a little bit lost on my blog, but thank you for the comment and the good laugh. It’s always nice to start the day smiling. 🙂


      • Didn’t intend to offend. You had made the statement about if there is a God he must be crying. That was the reason for my response. I have enjoyed my contacts with you. I certainly do not feel lost on your blog. By the way, I love your picture at the top. Hope we will continue to have a country strong enough to help (and cry with) others. Thanks for your response to my comment. And sorry for the offence. Smiling back. :D:D

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        • You didn’t offend me. I just wish people would accept other peoples believes (or non believes) quietly, without the propaganda. 🙂

          I too hope we will continue writing to each other via comments.

          No need to apologize, no need at all.


  3. If all people would simply realize that loving and accepting others is what makes our soul truly happy…

    I believe there is a God and, yes, he is sad for his children. He put us on this earth to take care of one another, not kill each other. I think all we can do is be the person who cares, who practices love and peace with the human race. Governments have the job of making us safe and ridding the world of terrorism, a job that I would not want. How do you rid the world of hate? Can it ever be done?

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    • I think that believing in a god is not the problem, but it seems that many who believe -in whatever god- are not willing to accept other peoples religious believes.

      Will there ever be peace, I don’t know..not in my lifetime. I am not even sure if we are capable of it.

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  4. My daughter goes to France for a week in May – a lot of parents are now questioning whether to allow their child to go – at this moment in time – she will go – because I refuse to allow them to dictate what we can do and where we can go – through fear 😞

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    • As much as I understand the fear, I truly believe that there is no safe place in this world. I mean look at us, there are mass shootings in schools, even in churches and movie theaters.

      I refuse to be afraid as well, what good would it do to live in fear?

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  5. My youngest son was a Swiss diplomat in Brussels in the Swiss Mission for 3 years. He still works for the Swiss government and now and again has to visit Brussels for a meeting or other stuff. He always tells me before he is off on a journey somewhere. He usually travels by train, sometimes by plane, but today it makes no difference. No-one is safe.

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