Don’t get on my nerves


nerves 2

Writing our weekly shopping list is not my favorite thing to do. Once again I was sitting there between cookbooks and recipe cards, trying to come up with some ideas for a balanced or not so balanced meal plan.

I will be safe, if there ever will be a cook book apocalypse; there will be no recipe shortage in our home. I have so many cookbooks; I could open a store and sell them –if I wouldn’t love them so much.

Sometimes it seems that I cook the same things over and over, especially when I have a busy schedule like right now. I would love to try more new recipes, but I am married to Mr. Picky, so that’s not always an easy thing to do.

I was stuck with my shopping list, that’s when I had the brilliant idea to ask my husband.

“What do you want me to cook this weekend?”

I don’t know,” was his answer as so often.

One day my head will split open and something evil will come out, if I hear one more time I don’t know.

“I don’t know is out of stock. Come on give me some ideas.”

He thought about it for a while.

“How about cabbage rolls?”

“CABBAGE ROLLS, seriously? Making them takes forever.” And I shook my head in disbelieve.

“How about a brisket?”

“A BRISKET! Did we win the lottery Mr. Rockefeller? Have you looked at the brisket prices lately, they are insane. I can buy a whole cow for that amount of money.” And I shook my head again.

“We haven’t had Gumbo in a while,” he said and I just looked at him.

“GUMBO!!!” That means I stay forever in the kitchen, make the roux, peel shrimps and cut vegetables. That’s not an easy task in our house.

“Do you know how long it takes to cook Gumbo?” I asked him and shook my head again.

“You asked me to come up with some ideas.”

“Yes, but I expected you to name something that I want to cook.”

Men are so complicated!

I didn’t look up, but I think he shook his head. 🙂




20 thoughts on “Don’t get on my nerves

  1. Same problem in my house and my wonderful son hands me one of my cook books. Laughing, he will smile and say..can you read this to me.
    I make great shopping list but, forget to take them into the store with me..haha

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  2. “Unrolled” cabbage is easier- instead of rolling the meat in each leaf separately, line the pan with the cabbage, put the meat over it, add some sauce, more cabbage and bake in the oven. I freeze the head of cabbage, then defrost so the leaves peel right off instead of boiling it. We eat the same things most of the times, I just change out the vegetable side dishes so it gives variety. Fennel is a favorite- would you husband eat it? 🙂

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  3. I am the cook in this household. By and large we eat fish (salmon) twice a week, potato-leek bake or pasta with once a week a pizza or fish and chips at the local pub. Some ‘special event’ might be a rack of lamb. By and large we both like the same food although my Helvi likes vegetables to be the main part of any meal.
    I enjoy cooking.

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  4. They are not really complicated, it just that the never had to cook to survive. I was away in Germany for a few days last year, my youngest got married. I called husband “how are things going with the food” “No problem, it is so hot at the moment I don’t feel like cooking or eating” Would this be the answer to all my cooking problems? Unfortunately not.

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