Spring fever


spring cleaning

I have read so many wonderful stories and I have met so many great people over the last 2 years. Sitting on my desk, reading and writing has felt like a mini vacation each and every time; blogging became my guilty pleasure.

I was thinking about signing up for the A-Z challenge and I wanted to participate at other challenge as well, when in reality I should step back a little bit. As much as blogging gives me pleasure, it also makes me feel guilty at times, because there is just so much to do.

The one thing that I don’t like about spring is that I seem to get something like spring fever. I am not sure if it’s contagious, but I think it is,  because my husband shows similar symptoms. It starts rather harmless, when we start making lists with things we need and want to do around the house.

Spring cleaning is on the list as well as yard work. There is so much to do inside and outside; I want to widen our garden and we need to puppy proof our flowerbeds. There are smaller things that we need to fix and bigger projects, like a new garden gate that we need to take care of. The kitchen needs new paint, so does the staircase and I really, really want the peacock color in my workroom.

Blogging takes time, I guess we all know that. Sometimes I just want to write a short post and before I know it I sit there for a couple of hours reading and writing. It’s a beautiful hobby, but it takes time away from my already busy schedule…time that I don’t have.

So I decided to step away from blogging for a while. Not for long, but at least for 4 weeks. I will still read posts in the morning, but I won’t write new posts on my blog.

See you soon~!

blogging break 2







26 thoughts on “Spring fever

  1. I will miss you, but hope it’s a time of less stress for you, too. {{{Bridget}}} (I did sign up for the A-Z Challenge. AND for NaJoWriMo. Have decided I’ve finally gone round the bend! 😮 )


    • I noticed that too and I wondered about it. I assume blogging is an addiction of its own. I followed a lady who went in vacation with her husband and still continued to post and comment every day. That’s what I don’t want for me…if that makes any sense. I think a break will be good and hopefully as productive as I want it to be. I am planning on coming back 🙂


  2. Enjoy the weather! I know what you mean- I miss not having the time to blog as much as I’d like and have guilt when I can’t read everyone’s posts! I look forward to seeing your garden in the future. 💖

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