When Doves Cry~!


Just a few hours ago I was listening to Prince on my iPod while I was whirling through the house like a mad woman and now -a couple of hours later-  I feel shocked and sad, because I heard the news that he is dead.

The passing of the purple man saddens me, it saddens me a lot; so much that I took a break from my spring break to honor him on my little blog. 

He was such a great writer, a gifted musician and a genius on stage. Prince and his band revolution are listed under “most played” on my ipod -always have and always will be -nothing beats housecleaning while listening to 1999 and Kiss.

I know all his songs by heart Raspberry Beret, When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette and of course Purple Rain, but I also know the ones he “just” wrote for other’s like Nothing compares 2U, by Sinead O’Connor, or Magic Monday by The Bangles.

I saw him life in concert years ago and he was really magical to watch. He played with his audience like a cat plays with a mouse. He touched our hearts with beautiful ballads and he made us jump up with excitement with the songs we all knew. Brilliant guitar player..one of the really great ones.

He was such a great entertainer who will be missed. Just a few months ago David Bowie left us and now another one of the great musicians is gone.

It’s a sad day. Today Doves Cry~!



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