Is a blogging Break – good or bad?

blogging break 3

I took a 4-week break from blogging and it was a very interesting experience. The first days felt odd; almost like I was suffering from blogging withdrawal -if there is such a thing to begin with.

The mouthy, invisible creature that seems to live on my shoulder, wasn’t helping me either; as usual, it was only there to annoy me when it whispered silly things in my ear. “What if you lose all your readers? Will you start all over again?”

I guess I had been infected with the “number game” after all. The number of readers, followers, likes, and comments are they really that important? How in the world did that happen? I thought I was immune and wouldn’t fall into the number trap.

Maybe it wasn’t so much about the numbers, but more about the daily interaction with bloggers from all over the world? So many special people, with some of them I really feel a connection and I look at them as friends. Odd isn’t it?

My blog was on my mind and so were my blogging friends. That lasted for about 5 days and only once did I tiptoe to my computer to check on my blog -after that, the withdrawal was over. I was cured.

I noticed right away, how many more hours the day seemed to have when I didn’t spend hour after hour in front of my computer, reading or writing.

As much as I missed the reading part and the interaction with my blogging friends, I did enjoy the writing break. It almost seemed that I needed to lean back for a while. No stories or writing ideas came to my mind; there was just a blank space that I filled with other things. I read a few books, which had been collecting dust on my nightstand, and I got a lot of other things done -in and around the house.

Somehow my blog drifted away during that time. Maybe blogging isn’t really anything I need and I just wasted my time writing silly little stories? I am not really a writer, so perhaps I took a break to step away for good? I was wondering about that.

Now I can see -and understand- why some of the bloggers don’t come back after they announced a blogging break. It does put things back into perspective and the disconnection from your own blog happens rather quickly.

Not feeling the need to write down what I was thinking and feeling, that lasted for about three weeks, then the muse awakened my sleepy brain and ideas for stories and poems popped up out of nowhere. The feeling that I needed -and wanted- to share some things on my blog came back and it made me smile. Maybe I am supposed to be blogging after all?

It was a good thing that I had set a time limit for my break; I think that saved me from falling into an abyss -that and all the ideas in my head.

I will listen closely to my need in the future, learning to identify the need for a blogging break -or any other break from a routine- is a very important step.

I am glad you all are still here! You are here, right?



blogging break 4



38 thoughts on “Is a blogging Break – good or bad?

  1. Welcome back! I do think that breaks are good for helping us to rejuvenate – seems that’s what’s happened with you. I’m glad. I have, over the last while, not had the time to read and comment on blogs and I too, have missed it. I was forced to, by virtue of my day job which had taken up more time than usual. Mercifully with payment as I’m self-employed 😉 That said, I have still managed to post at least once a week (a discipline I’ve imposed on myself) and the struggle I’ve had is that I’ve had ideas and not been able to work on them or polish posts as much as I’d like. I almost see my weekly post as “me” time which I enjoy as much as I do the interaction with the blogging community of which I have become part. Be well!

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  2. Glad to see you back! Blogging is wonderful for the daily connections- looking forward to what people have written, or pictures they post. The other side is that it adds pressure to read, to write, and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day! I have tried not to sweat not posting everyday- and finding something to write about when I don;t have the time. It takes the enjoyment out of it. Happy you are here whenever you are here- no pressure! 🙂

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    • Good to see you as well Lisa. I love blogging but felt like I had to take care of “real” things -if that makes any sense. I know what you mean about the guilt. I felt it too…I think that’s why I took a break in the first place.

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  3. Nice to have you back. I think blogging can become a bit of a curse at times. Having just moved house my blogs and my follows have taken a hit. But in the end I blog for myself mostly; as a photo journal. It is nice to have the interaction with others though and that I would certainly miss if I stopped.

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  4. Glad to have you back – you are back right? 🙂

    I wondered if you would drift away as so many have. Interesting to hear from your perspective how and why that happens.

    I hope you won’t stop writing. You have a *voice* whether you think you do or not. It wants to be heard.

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  5. I think you are smart for taking a defined break. I never see it coming when I need a break, so it becomes inconsistent, which absolutely kills any notion or people wanting to read it. Welcome back.

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