Grammarly…my newest toy!



My newest toy is a free program called “Grammarly” -an extension to Google Chrome. The word “free” is a magical world to me, I got curious and had to download it.  I mean come on, why wouldn’t I do that, it doesn’t cost a thing? (What can I say, I am cheap but not easy). Better grammar, better punctuation, and a spell check for everything I write online…yeah Baby, you just can’t top that!

The program actually works -for the moment. (High five Google, you got something right).

I was all excited when I started writing this post, but that changed dramatically during the last 5 minutes because this program has corrected me now about 6 times. What either means the program is highly annoying, or my grammar and punctuation really sucks.

It underlined and highlighted some words in red, and I got beautiful messages like:

  • Possessive instead of plural (Seriously….what does that even mean? Is that English? Nobody ever told me that I am possessive or something like that. The nerve of that program )
  • Confused proposition (I am not confused about my proposition. You are!)
  • Duplicate pronoun (What the F*** again is a pronoun?)
  • Unnecessary comma use (Yeah, yeah I saw that too…show off)
  • Missing comma in a series (Well, take the one from about that?)
  • Unnecessary comma in a complex sentence (The good news here is that I can write a complete and complex sentence, the bad news I have no idea what that could mean *pressing autocorrect*).

I like Grammarly -my new toy- as much as I like the self-checkout at my local grocery store.

I see it’s potential, but I am not totally convinced that I really need it. I started back talking to Grammarly in the same way, as I talk back to the robot lady, who seems to live in the check-out machine.

“Welcome and thank you for shopping with us, please swipe your valued customer card.” (Welcome to you too and now please shut up until I am done).

“Take your Kale and put it on the belt,” (I would have never guessed).

I am going to give the program a change and I will work with it some more after I put my nose in my old grammar books, so I will be able to understand the program. 🙂

So, in case you are looking for more confusion while writing…here is the link to


grammarly 4



28 thoughts on “Grammarly…my newest toy!

  1. Here’s a tip about its and it’s. It’s actually counterintuitive because it doesn’t work like other possessives. It’s = it is. It is a contraction. So if you write “it’s” and cannot substitute “it is” in the sentence, it is (it’s) incorrect. Its = possessive, belongs to it. Examples: Its foot, its meal, its bark. It’s very confusing because English often makes no sense! But if you accept its quirks, it’s a lot of fun! 🙂

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    • Yes, I would definitely recommend it, it is a big help for me. English is not my native language and while I might be fluent in writing and talking by now, I am not fluent when it comes to the American punctuation rules.

      Grammarly is a nice tool to have, however…there are moments when I ignore it’s advice. Mostly then when it interferes with my writing style.

      I did go ahead and bought the Premium edition and I like it as well.

      I have the tendency to use the same words over and over and the program makes me aware of it.

      I think you might like it.


  2. I absolutely detest being told how to write by anything computer-related! Whenever I can, I turn off the ‘helpful’ hints. And don’t get me started on punctuation! As has often been said, it’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit, and machines don’t cut it for me!

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        • Well, English is not my mother tongue, as a matter of fact I speak a few languages and sometimes I mix up languages and words and a program like grammerly can be a helpful reminder. Different languages have different punctuation rules -one of my peewee’s. I would call it a tool, but I wouldn’t allow any program to take over. I love my mistakes:-)

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          • I only speak English – if you discount the French and German I learned in school – so I don’t have that problem. Your English is fine, it’s you!


  3. Just remember there is a difference in using it for everyday stuff and if you’re using it for creative (i.e. writing a book) writing. And you can select which type you need to use it with in the program. Just something I’ve learned from doing the creative thing the past year and a half.

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  4. Excellent post. It’s my toy too. I’ve been playing with Grammarly for about a year and wow do I make lots of typos and mistakes that it corrects! I used it first for blogs and then added it to Word. Putting a book through it is a long process, but well worth it. I bought the extra features for a year to try them out and haven’t found them that helpful. The free version is fabulous. 🙂


  5. We see the same with translation software; overall there have been amazing improvements but I’m not sure it will ever be good enough to replace a live thinking human.
    It is quite impressive though.

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