The Play with Hearts

ladies man 2

The Ladies’ man


All eyes turned to look when he came into the room

They were rewarded with a smile that made them feel special

His hungry eyes searched the room, taking in everything

We all knew there was no loyalty present in his heart

One woman was as good as the next; he didn’t hide it

It was plain; he was only out for what he could get

His smile was inviting, he played with hearts

I watched how he cried out for attention that so quickly came

A drink was offered and he greedily emptied it quickly

He seemed totally unashamed of showing is passions

It didn’t matter to him if they were young or old

He was the center of attention and he enjoyed it to the fullest

As I watched him I knew he would get everything he wanted

At least for a while, and that was as it should be

For he was one of a kind…and only 3 months old

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