The 8 Best Quit Smoking Blogs 2016 – Award


The best 8 Quit Smoking Blogs for 2016 have been chosen and like last year, I am one of them. My little blog won again and is mentioned by Healthline and I feel very, very humbled. This is more than just an award for blogging, this is real and outside of WordPress. 

The Happy Quitter

This inspiring blogger not only talks the talk (well, writes the write), but she’s already walked the walk of giving up the unhealthy habit — after 35 years of smoking.

The Happy Quitter is a great resource for anyone looking to quit smoking, with posts on the latest news and smoking cessation trends, but it’s not all tobacco-related. From political jokes to reflections on life, this is a good place to go if you’re in the mood for something surprising.

Two years ago on May 2nd, I started this blog. I was three months smoke-free when I posted my first post. I had so many questions on my mind and I was searching for answers. Writing worked like a therapy session, it was just me and the keyboard and nobody else was listening -so I thought. Writing kept the people around me safe and it kept me sane.

Giving up an addiction like smoking is not that easy BUT it’s not as hard as they make us believe it will be.

Every week, when I look at my status, I see that my very first posts, the ones that I wrote right after I quit, are being read again and again by people who just quit, or want to quit in the near future. That means the world to me. I wanted to pay it forward and the way it looks like I accomplished that.

I will continue to write about smoking and the quitting process because there is so much new research that is hardly mentioned here in the U.S.

Thank you guys for the award. It’s an honor!


11 thoughts on “The 8 Best Quit Smoking Blogs 2016 – Award

    • There is no such thing than an attempt. Either you quit or your don’t. Words like “try” or “attempt” leave the backdoor open and you set yourself up for failure.

      I wish you good luck with your blog and I strengths in your quit.


  1. Well done!
    Quitting smoking is incredibly hard, especially for those that have done it for a long time and suffer with the cravings.

    I’ve been smoke free about… 27 weeks now ish not sure of the exact day, but everytime someone lights up near me or even if I see someone smoking on TV, they come crawling back out the depths, scratching there way to the front my mind.
    I’m lucky to not have to be around smokers, as none of my family smoke, so the temptation is few and far between, but I will admit
    I miss it almost daily haha.

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    • Congratulations on quitting. I didn’t find it that hard. I went to a support forum called and I was stunned about the fights that some had, it made my quit look so easy. The interaction with other quitters was important then.

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      • Yeah I’ve seen people struggle whereas my wife and I quit the moment we found out she was pregnant. Wasn’t easy cutting it flat, but we’ve been lucky in that we miss it, but don’t start scratching at the walls or anything

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