The Generation Gap I do not want

generation gap 2

Sometimes I wonder if there is an exact time point when we, the older ones, feel disconnected from the younger generations. Does it happen overnight or is it a slow process? When do we lose touch with each other? 

The young people, they would have such a good life if they would just listen to us because we know it all, or at least we pretend we do. Many of us have forgotten, that we were exactly the same way. My Grandma, the wonderful woman who raised me, called my music “Monkey music,” and she didn’t even find words to describe my bellbottom pants and my platform shoes. She just lifted her eyebrow and shook her head in absolute disapproval, when she looked at me.

I have the same look on my face these days when I look at some of the tattoos and body piercings. Each young generation grows up without a good taste for the “right” music and without any style and class. Or how else could it be that the things that I adored are being called vintage now? And why is my music played on an oldie station?

Blogging opened my eyes to the generation gap. I follow young writers as well as older, mature bloggers like myself. How can I understand the broken heart of a 20-year-old, when I am occupied thinking about my beautiful life and my long marriage? Many of us oldtimers hear the clock ticking and we start writing about our life; we share anecdotes and stories, some of us even write memoirs and biographies.

We write about our life; we don’t want our life to be forgotten. Or maybe we just write to sort things out? We go back to our roots and many of us linger in the past. So many questions are on our mind, we long for answers…even if there can’t be any.

I am the last generation of my family, there won’t be any more after my demise. This is it. I am the last one standing. We didn’t have children and my  family tree will not grow anymore and now I am fine with it. It took a while until I understood that one person or one family rarely matters, it is all of us who matter. Each generation matters and writes -or rewrites- history.

I feel worried about the younger generations, in the same way, they were worried about us when we were young. I worry about their future and the possibility of war. Will they make it? I often smile, when I realize that I start to sound like my Grandmother. The young generation will be fine, they will find their own way, the same way we did.

So, I will continue to write a little bit about my life and my experiences and I hope I will never be the older lady, who goes around feeling disconnected from the youth.

We didn’t know it all either when we started…may I never forget that!

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21 thoughts on “The Generation Gap I do not want

  1. I am 60 years old now, so I know what you mean about suddenly finding my music only plays on the “oldies” station. But I was a public school teacher for 31 years, 33 if you count years of being a substitute. Working with kids, you are constantly aware of the challenges, drama, and difficulties of their lives. Now that I am forced to give up classroom teaching by bad health and disability, I can only still teach by blogging and sharing a bit of my hard earned wisdom. But here is a bit that know for certain; “Kids today are just as worthy of caring about and worrying about as we were once.” I hope that rings true for other people too. You don’t see enough of that kind of empathy in the news nowadays.

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  2. You write very thought provoking pieces Bridget. This was another one of those.

    I’ve spent months planning a family reunion and next weekend 3 generations of our family will be coming together for the first time in 5 years. One of the most remarkable things I’ve noted is that we have so many new family members. There have been weddings and many babies during this time.
    I’ve made a point of staying connected with all these young people , but I’m also keenly aware that I’m one of the *old* generation now.
    The only way that I know to stay relevant with them is to stay engaged – being active, staying informed, and interestingly, my blog garners more attention from the next generation than it does from my peers.

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    • I never know how I really feel about writing provoking posts, but I guess it’s true….I do. Guilty as charged!

      I have only borrowed children, or inherited children, who I call family. We don’t have kids of our own. I think staying engaged and active is the key for staying connected.

      You and me, we are very much alike. I am not worried about you, you will never be really old.


      • hahaha! thank you for your confidence.
        Today I feel like I’m a 100 years old. I’ve had a really bad cold that has degenerated into an infection in my lungs and throat. I’m not bouncing back as quickly as I should :/

        … but I agree. We share very similar philosophies and outlooks on life. In the end, it is what we choose to make it. I prefer to be someone who makes the effort to constantly embrace change, is always curious and excited about learning new things.

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        • OH I hate that you are sick. You have so much to do, I hope you take it easy and focus on getting better. Let your husband spoil you.

          I love, just love your outlook on life. Be better soon, stay warm (in case it is as cold in Canada as it is here).


          • Yes it is cold. We’ve had snow flurries off and on all day. Sigh. At least I don’t feel so badly that I’m not outside doing any number of things I should be doing.

            At this point, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my long to-do list is not going to get done before my company arrives on Thursday.
            I’ll be happy if I can just breathe easier without coughing up a lung 😉


  3. The young do tend to talk faster and the old do tend to comprehend at a slower rate. That does make it a bit of a gap. Each to their own, but we can take from both the old and the young. I never think of age or ageing.


  4. I never liked old people. They always scared me. Now that I am heading to that point I am trying to avoid becoming what I feared. I think my children have helped me bridge the gap a bit as I had my children when I was on the “older” side. I still do fear for their future but it is more from a I want the best in life for them. I look at my own parents and think will that be me in 25 years? No, I refuse to let myself.

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    • I like your thinking, I like it very much. My Grandmother is my rolemodel. She took me in when I was only 6 years old and she was way in 60’s.
      She guided me with wisdom, but never made me feel stupid. She knew I would make my own mistakes and I would learn my own lessons.
      She might have not understood my music taste or my taste in clothes, but she understood that I was young.
      You will not become what you feared 🙂

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  5. What a thought provoking post. I could relate to everything you said: the gap, the revolving generational differences, my difficulty connecting with the broken hearted pining of teenagers, my tendency toward reflection, and my fears that the youth will inherit a broken world. I do take comfort in knowing that these patterns have been going on for thousands of years and somehow the human race manages. It is incredibly poignant.

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  6. I do thing blogging and wordpress community bridge the gap. At the same time I personally don’t feel a generation gap between myself and the older generation or the younger generation. I am not that old – but I kind of fall in the middle. My mother and I have the closest relationship and I think that is why I don’t feel a gap of generation. I in fact dislike the phrase generation gap. May be I just love hearing people stories and just loving them for the life and their history. All I know my mum and I debate this again and again and we just dont agree. We feel it is a bit hurtful, if not rude to the older generation. I mean one day I am going to old. I personally believe a peer group be it old or young has a get of personalities in it – and the gap is amongst the peers. Then when you add the generation gap – it is a gap of personalities . Say we have typical opinion OLD and Stuck in their ways – and then we say all oldies are like that – well that so is not the case , Some oldies are smarter and more in-tune with the world than some youngsters. I believe being stuck in your ways is a life time practice – that we associate with old age – but it is a life time of practice I see that in some of my family member. I just take this all on board and do my best to keep learning and changing – one day I am going to old – I hope I will be old with character and charm

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