My special glasses you can’t see


I wear eyeglasses and I wear them with pride. I have many different frames and different lenses, some of them sit visibly on my nose –or hang around my neck- and help me see things a little clearer, while others are invisible to people around me.

The invisible glasses help me with my inside vision and they just might be a reflection of my soul.

You might have guessed it; I have pink ones, the ones that make the word around me look a little bit brighter. These I wear on days when I search for the Pie in the sky, these are the days when pigs can fly.

Then I have crazy ones, the ones that will make me laugh out loud. That’s for days when laughter is needed, not just by others but by me as well.

I have invisible magnifiers; these are needed when I have lots of questions. What we see is not always what we get; I know that and I come prepared.

Then there are days when I chose my invisible sunglasses. That doesn’t happen too often, but even an optimist like me feels like crying once in a while and I prefer to do that in privacy.

The vision in my head and reality don’t always match. I wear my invisible glasses on days when I feel the need to make people and my surroundings a little bit more perfect than they actually are, and I wear them on days when I need some invisible moral support.





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