Get your Affairs in Order, Dear


“Health, it’s one of God’s greatest gift, but we take it for granted; yet it hangs on a thread as fine as a spider’s web and the tiniest thing can make it snap, leaving the strongest of us helpless in an instant.”

― Jennifer Worth, Shadows of the Workhouse

Vanessa Redgrave reads this at the end of an episode in Call the Midwife, and I liked it so much, I wrote it down. God, or Universe, whatever we believe in, the message is the same. I like the analogy of the spider web that can snap in an instant, because it is oh, so true.

Sitting in a doctors office, waiting for the test results; many of us have been in this position. That’s when most of our other problems disappear into thin air. Then, we stop worrying about our appearance, and the 10 or 20 pounds that we always wanted to lose, all of a sudden don’t matter anymore.

Minutes feel like hours when we wait for the doctor’s verdict. A diagnosis can alter our life in the blink of an eye. “Why me?” is often the first thought that comes to mind. “Why not?” whispers a little voice.

When we are sick, that’s when we realize how precious our health really is. Fighting a disease brings things back into perspective. “When a man is lying there with a knife in his chest, then he doesn’t care about if he is happy or not, he just cares about being well again.”

Sometimes I think that I got sick, so that I could shed all the unneeded ballast that I was carrying around with me. I remember my older neighbor Miss Liz; she was high in her 80’s back then when I fell ill. “Get your affairs in order, Dear,” she said and I just looked at her. “I don’t plan on dying,” I replied and shook my head.

She laughed so hard when she saw my face. “Get  your affairs in order, so you won’t have to worry about anything else besides getting better,” and as always, what she said made sense. Rebuilding the spider web takes time and effort, being able to rebuild that’s a gift as well, many don’t get that chance at all.

My affairs are in order -mostly. I let go of many things that I just didn’t need and I stopped worrying about things that I couldn’t change.

I set the ghosts of my past free and focused on the present. I changed my diet and my lifestyle and today I make wiser decision about my health and my body. I am in fairly good healthy and still plan on not leaving this wonderful planet before I am at least 95 years old -43 more years to go; I am just a baby.

I truly start every day with a smile on my face, even when I hurt and I smile even bigger when I don’t. 🙂




17 thoughts on “Get your Affairs in Order, Dear

  1. It’s a great post. I am always wondering how people can start their day with a smile since I never could. I have a rather low blood pressure and it takes a while to get back to senses. I wouldn’t deny I hope to get up and not to feel pain, that’s for sure, that always makes feel me better, however, these hopes rarely come true.
    I love what you are writing about yourself and your attitude towards life: it is an honest and brave attitude.
    Having a lot of medical knowledge does not always help. It is sometimes a reason for desperation and anxiety before the tests are back. Painting in one’s head the worst scenarios with all possible complications isn’t good either. Well, I am a realist, I know what causes what and what results in what. It’s nice to believe in miracles. I sort of would love to, but once again I’m really trusting facts and numbers. I would love you visited not my primary art blog, but rather the secondary

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    • I have low blood pressure as well, I know what you mean. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and there was a time when I was in serious pain. There was a time when I had to swallow pills first thing in the morning. Then I found a way to live without the pills and I do live a mostly pain free life. That does make me smile, even on days when I slipped and I can feel the pain.

      A very good friend of mine died of Brain Cancer 2 years ago. She knew she had only 6 months left and still she was in good spirit. She felt blessed, because she had the time to say Goodbye. I didn’t get that at first, but then I understood. We had some great moments the last month before she passed on.
      I remember her in the hospital, when she way laying there right after surgery. People came to see her and she asked about their problems, wanted to know how they were doing.

      Watching her taught me a lesson. thank you so much for your comment and for the follow. Nice to meet you. 🙂


  2. Amen!

    This is a very poignant post to read on a morning when I’m still recovering from a very bad cold that degenerated into a nasty chest infection that continues to linger.
    This same day my younger-older brother will receive the test results from surgery he had last week to remove a growth from his bladder. We are holding our breath hoping …

    Thoughts of *healthy* are something I hold near-and-dear right now.

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    • I hope your brothers test results will be good news.
      I need to send you my Grandma’s miracle cure for cough. I still have it in my fridge in the winter times and I swear by it as well. It makes the cough break up. There you go:

      -1 red or yellow onion and 1 garlic clove.

      -Roughly a cup of brown sugar

      -A jar or something similar with a tight fitting lid that will comfortably but snugly hold your onion. I use a mason jar.

      Slice the onion and the garlic and pour brown sugar over it. When you’re finished, cover tightly and let it sit overnight out on the counter, or for 8-12 hours. After it has sat out, there will be liquid in the jar. Use a spoonful as needed to control your cough (3 spoonful’s an hour, if needed.)

      It doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds and it works…don’t ask me why. I make jars of it every year and friends and neighbors pick it up.


  3. ” Then, we stop worrying about our appearance, and the 10 or 20 pounds that we always wanted to lose, all of a sudden don’t matter anymore.” That’s a pretty thought provoking reality to ponder. Glad you said that.


  4. So right. I have spent a lifetime wanting to lose weight. In 2012 from April to November I lost about seventy pounds from illness. I was well ready and thankful when I found out I could gain and that is what a healthy body does when it eats too much. A miserable way to achieve one’s goal. I am thankful for regained health; now I continue to fight the bulge, being thankful it is a healthy bulge!

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  5. Just saying the series “Call the Midwife” was based on a book about nursing experiences in the East End of London where family and I came from, It was before my time, but I can relate to some of it, although it had been made good for the TV. Reality is never so good.

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    • I loved that series, it showed a part of London that I had visited in the 80’s. Midwife’s were more popular in Europe than here in the U.S. We had two in our village and they were there when the women gave birth at home on their farms. Hospital’s were too far away. Some years there was too much snow and driving wasn’t safe.
      I loved Jennifer Worth’s books.


  6. I loved this series 🙂 of the Midwife.
    And you have given some sound advice.. I got my own affairs in order some time ago Now I concentrate on Life and Living it to the full in each and every moment.. Great Post and I am sure you will reach 100 🙂

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      • They are find this evening, but I tried this morning and had the same problem, so gave up.. I am no longer letting it get me stressed and taking it for what it is.. I went a long walk instead LOL.. and all seems ok again.. Our TV has also been freezing LOL.. may be it’s the enegies telling us something LOL xxx Glad all is well with you too.. Love Sue xxx ❤

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        • I couldn’t leave comments for a few days. It was like something had muzzled me. I could reply to the comments on my own blog, but not on other’s.

          I posted on the forum, but WordPress didn’t have an answer either. I reset my computer to an earlier date and voila…everything was back to normal. It looks like a windows update was the cause of all the trouble.

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          • Which may well be the problem as I had 20 updates all at once upon my return from my vacaction.. I unistalled and re installed an anti virus programme too that I had put in before I had left for holiday thinking that was it.. Many have said since they too have had similar issues with loading of WP pages ect.. Thank you for sharing that xxx


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