Dear Media and Press! Enough bad Journalism for one Election




I remember the time when we got our first TV in the 70’s. It was a showcase, a decoration piece in our living room; we only turned it on in the evenings.  There weren’t too many channels back then, we had ORF I and II, the Austrian TV stations, we could get the German channels ZDF and ARD on clear days and we watched Rai the Italian TV station.

At 8 pm in the evening, that’s when we gathered in the living room, my Grandmother and I sat on the couch and listened to the news. It always started with international news, then there was national news. There wasn’t much local news mentioned on TV that’s what the smaller, daily newspapers were for.

I knew the names of different Prime ministers and Presidents, I met the Royal Families in our living room (yes, there is more than one) and I learned about different countries and their problems. To be honest I was better informed back then, than I am today.

I went to my workroom first thing in the morning and I turned on the TV, because I didn’t have too much time to watch the news during our garage sale weekend.

I started with CNN, even though by now I should know better. I managed to listen until 11 am and then I had to turn it off, because my throat started to hurt. They try so hard to shuffle Donald Trump down my throat, I started gagging.


I changed the channel, not that it helped in any form or way. The rest of the world must have been swallowed by a gigantic whale or something like that, because there is hardly any mentioning of it. It is election talk from morning to evening U.S. only, the rest of the world seems to be none existing. I feel like they are trying to dumb me down and I am just not ready for it (yet). I am still interested in facts, and I am still capable to come to my own conclusions, what means I am not easily manipulated.

Is that what the problem is?  Am I too interested and too informed for today’s journalism?

“Trump said this,” and “Trump said that.” Who cares? I don’t, just in case you wonder. The constant mentioning of his name in the press and media won’t make me like him more; neither will it make me like him less. I don’t care if his own party is flip-flopping all over the place, I am not like that. That’s their problem not mine.

I want to be informed, not manipulated. I want to know what is going on in the world, not just on days when there are disasters or attacks that take human lives. I want to be informed at ALL TIMES and preferably here in the United States because that would come in really handy. (Thank you BBC for making my life easier-please don’t go anywhere).


I turned the TV off, because there is just too much talk, made me a sandwich and ate it in front of my computer (I know, it’s a bad habit.) I went to the New York Times and found it was as bad. They are trying to convince me since months that Bernie Sanders is losing over and over, even though he is winning state after state. They try to shuffle Hillary Clinton down my throat (I get it, I did see the donation button) and they are not successful with it either. GO BERNIE!

I want facts; it’s as simple as that. We have smart phones, computers, tablets and notebooks -today we can research the shit out of everything (sorry, figure of speech). The young generation is smart and we, the older once we weren’t village idiots either.

What happened to good journalism? Where is it buried, because I would like to send some flowers in remembrance of good old days?

Today it’s sensationalism not journalism. It’s all about ratings and polls even though they are never accurate to begin with.

media and trump

I mean this is the part I actually get. Trump is a ratings machine. Having someone like Trump running for President -and if worse comes to worse even winning- that’s hysterical and humorous. I can’t wait to see who he will pick as Vice President and I cross my fingers and hope for a Kardashian (even though I don’t really know what a Kardashian is).

I feel manipulated and it makes me sad. Maybe it’s just me and my expectations are too high?  Maybe I am  too complicated?

I totally blame the media for the rise of Donald Trump. They didn’t take him serious when they should have, they didn’t ask the right question when it all started. (No, I don’t mean you Chris Matthews you did your homework >>>youtube<<<).

media and trump 2

The media boosts Donald Trump on a daily base, because ratings bring money, but that’s not how democracy should work. The screwed Bernie Sanders right from the start, hardly mentioned him, until they had to because the voters chose him over Hillary over and over. That’s when he was mentioned, but mostly as a looser. A winning looser, how confusing is that?

Trump has been wildly successful because he is the latest effective practitioner of cultural politics; in fact, as a veteran of reality TV, he’s made for that medium’s entertainment pitch. As CBS CEO Leslie Moonves put it back in February, “it may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS….  [B]ring it on, Donald, go ahead, keep going.” Moonves’ critique of Trump as not “good for America” reflects the elite, ideological side of mass media; his “good for CBS” reflects the financially driven cultural side. (Source Salon)

media and trump 3

Maybe I am wrong and a Presidency can be bought these days, maybe my worst fear will come true and the media will get want they want. As they said, it might not be good for America, but it will be good for the ratings. So maybe we will get a President Trump because money rules and big business rules? (Oops middle class bend over, you will get screwed again).

Sad when you think about it, really sad, but then what do I konnw?




20 thoughts on “Dear Media and Press! Enough bad Journalism for one Election

  1. I get a diet of the BBC, and do like that it gives a wider perspective on the world. Some of its stations do some detailed discussion and commentary to follow up the news. I avoid the tabloids like they are going to infect me with something that’ll obliterate my mind (and being in that premenopausal state, that wouldn’t take much!) for all the reasons that you’ve given above. I agree completely with your article, but am also concerned about the lack of ethical journalism too: interviews that use statements made out of the context in which they were said, invasion of privacy, perpetuation of stereotypes and as you say – sensationalism. You also talk about feeling like they were trying to make you dumb down. I think our education system (England/UK) has been doing the same. I think an interesting question is to consider who benefits from a dumbed-down nation?

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    • Avoiding the tabloids is not a bad idea. When I was a child in Europe I learned that Russia and Eastern German didn’t allow their people to read international news. The couldn’t watch the news on TV and couldn’t read about it in the newpaper.

      The less people know, the less they can compare they happier there are. I do wonder if it still works like that.

      Thank you for your comment, you gave me a lot to think about.

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      • I also think that the media are so saturated with adverts and messages about ‘how to be’, that thinking is driven into immediate gratification, so that people worry more about their own individual concerns (am I wearing the right makeup, got the right car, what are the Kardashians up to, so I can gossip with my friends later …), than question the power structures behind what created those needs in the first place.

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      • Yep, they sure do. They created this monster. Now they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I still wonder if they’re going to try to pull Mitt Romney in.

        • I predict President Trump if Hillary Clinton will be the democratic nominee. And President Sanders if he will be it. Republicans here in the swing state will vote for Sanders, but never ever for Clinton. They rather have someone like Trump in the office than her. The democrats have a predicament as well.

          I don’t think the can go with anybody than Trump now. I have a feeling it might split the party. But that’s me…and what do I know 🙂


  2. Our first TV was made of wood and set on splayed legs. We were surprised that back in 1956 Australia did not have TV. Holland did already, for a couple of years. And we thought we were going to a country further ahead!
    Our oldTV had three knobs. One for turning on and off, another one to change channels and yet another one for sound. Now, our remote has dozens of options but still only used for the three options of the previous set. What are all those buttons for? Is there a build-in washing machine or a walk the dog option? Do some remotes act as a phone or radio, a computer?
    We also have a remote for the sound bar, again with dozens of buttons with the most inexplicable descriptions.
    It has all become so tedious, we are happy not to go through all the complicated rituals switching the TV on with sound bar, and just sit together and make our own show. Often, not even that, just pat the dog and say; ‘good boy, good boy.’

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    • I am not a big TV person, I feel that it takes valuable time away from people. I like the news and some shows, but prefer to watch the recordings when I feel like it. A good movie is movie night in our home and that’s the way I like it,popcorn and everything.

      There are days or weekends when we want to take it easy and we binge watch a few episodes, but that’s rare.

      As for the buttons…I have no clue. Maybe it does operate the washer and I just haven’t figured it out yet. Now you got me thinking about it.

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  3. My 13 year-old and I had a very similar talk last night. He wanted to know where to look for news without all the bias attached to it. I told him therein lies the problem… At 13 he gets it.

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  4. TV Media has always been trying to control how we think. Did you ever see the movie Mad City? I think it shows an accurate portrayal of how much news has over influencing us. Luckily now we have better filter options with the Internet and can choose which news sources we trust, the problem though is it can cause us to live in a self-reinforcing bubble and that can be equally as dangerous.

    “hope for a Kardashian (even though I don’t really know what a Kardashian is).”<– This cracked me up! Would be so funny (and sad) if it happened.

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    • It was not always like that. Journalism was so much better 20 – 30 years ago. It wasn’t so much about influencing us then, it was about information and facts. The big money came with awards for the journalist. The internet has changed a lot and not all to the better.

      I like to think that you are right and that people do their research, but I guess we both know better, not all do that. I haven’t seen Mad City…sorry.

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      • It really was though, it’s never been about facts and always been about money. 20 to 30 years ago there were many scandals where news reporters would pay people to pose for some story so they could do an expose on some dangerous thing we all needed to be scared of. TV has never cared about facts and objectivity, newspapers on the other hand I will give you. They at one time had integrity.

        Really the only difference between now and the past is they are less subtle. It is like people talking about how the 50s were a glorious era where people were more moral. People were just as immoral in the 50s as they are now, they just hid it better. People are people.

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