The simple, everyday Magic of an older couple



“I think I need to tell you that I am getting older,” he said, almost as he would ask for my permission.

“I noticed,” I looked at him and smiled.

“I just thought I needed to let you know.”

“I am glad you did and it’s fine with me. I am getting older too.”

“I haven’t noticed,” he said and it made me smile even more.

We were working outside and our conversation brought joy to my heart, it made me happy. Yes, I too had noticed that we are getting older and I am absolutely fine with it. The universe is fulfilling one of my wishes and I am grateful for it.

Aging with the one you love is simple, everyday magic. I look at his snow white hair and I think back at the time when he was only in his 30’s. One day he came home and proudly announced that his hair color was now salt and pepper. The pepper is long gone and it left my knight in shining armor with beautiful, white hair.

This stunning, beautiful man by my side hasn’t changed a bit with all the changes. Not to me anyway, he is still the man I fell in love with, so many years ago. The smile is the same and the sparkle in his eyes is there, where it’s always been.

All the years that we spent together and nothing has really changed between us. We still look at each other and know what the other one is thinking. We have perfectioned the craft to push each other’s buttons -if needed- and we can make each other laugh out loud.

I remember back then when we were young. I was watching them, when they were slowly walking down the street, gently holding each other’s hand. There was such a quiet peace about it and I wished for that myself. I wanted to walk just like the older couple in front of us. “Wouldn’t it be great, if we too would still be holding hands when we are older?” I wondered about that. Age seems to be so far away when you are young.

Now it’s 30 years later, and  we still walk hand in hand and I love it. It’s not just a simple gesture, it’s a statement that we belong together.

I think the desire and the need to be held and touched never goes away, no matter how old we are.

Maybe younger couples will look at us now and we will make them smile. What a wonderful magic is at work when two people walk hand in hand.

Flourishing is not a solo endeavor.

Barbara Frederickson




24 thoughts on “The simple, everyday Magic of an older couple

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  2. You have very nicely captured this feeling and expressed it with the right narrative. I think every one has wonderful feelings but it takes extra talent to turn it into prose, lyrics or stories. You seem to be one with such a gift. Thanks for a nice post!

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  3. I can identify with this. Someone made a comment to me at church once about holding hands. Every time we stand up to sing or do a responsive reading or something our hands seem to find each other as if we’re declaring to the world that nothing can separate us. I think it’s us saying to the world (and I realize you’re not religious at all but I think you’ll get it) that in the eyes of God our union is so strong nothing will ever tear it asunder. I’m not quite sure why that’s always seemed so important for us to make that statement…without words.

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  4. I really like that quote – Flourishing is not a solo endeavor. How very true that is 🙂

    Glad to hear you are flourishing. You may be getting older, but it sounds like you still have spring in your heart ❤

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