The Internet – A Circus and a Battleground


“The internet has become a carefully controlled and heavily monitored illusion. It has turned into both a circus and battleground. Popularity is rigged and can be bought. Censorship is in full effect. Popular opinion is fabricated, and the perception of a viewpoint’s popularity is typically orchestrated and manipulated by legions of paid trolls. If you want to know the truth about somebody’s true popularity and influence, look to the streets. If you want to know if a person is really guilty or innocent, study the facts yourself. Never judge anybody based on what you see or read on the internet. Information can easily be manipulated by the push of a few buttons.” (Suzy Kassem)

Some things I read and it stops me in my tracks -so to speak. I closed the book, put my glasses on the table and looked outside in the garden; watched the dogs play so innocently. What a thing to say! Could she be right?

One of my part-time helpers -an older gentleman in his late 50’s- said something the other day that made my neck hair stand up. He stood in my workroom and he said and I quote, “I have learned so much from the internet over the last year since I got my smartphone. There is always great news on Facebook. I can’t believe how much I have missed all my life.” I raised my famous eyebrow and looked at him, tried to figure out if he was serious, or if he had just made a joke. He wasn’t joking, he was serious as a heart attack and I had a hard time biting my tongue. Who am I to judge?

How many more are out there getting the daily NEWS or their opinion from a social media side or highly questionable news pages? I fear the answer, I really do.

Is that true what the author said? I asked myself that and slowly nodded. Just look at our election circus, the election game -or should I say our election shame?

A circus it is, that’s for sure. Some of the clowns make us laugh, many things make us cry and some people scare the living crap out of us.  (Sorry)

Information can easily be manipulated by the push of a few buttons. She is spot on with that one. I am watching this election shame (it’s not a game, it’s a shame indeed) and I can see the power of internet articles.

I always loved the news and reading the comment section was one of my guilty pleasures. That, however, has changed over the last years. The tone has changed, people got more aggressive. It’s not about content anymore, it’s more like road rage on the keyboard. Hiding behind a screen brings the worst out in some and the comment sections became a battle ground. Only the strong survived, the others got hurt -with just a few lines.

I have been told that I can be provocative on my blog and it made me swallow hard. And there I was thinking I might be witty and smart. It made me wonder about how I come across to others -from screen to screen. Am I the clown in the circus or the attraction that scares people? I asked my husband and he said and I quote, “She is right, you love to provoke people with your thoughts.” BOING! I didn’t expect that.

I did some soul searching and he is right. I like to make people laugh, but more than anything do I love to make people think. My internet persona is identical with who I am in real life and I guess that’s a good thing.

The internet can be a circus and a battleground if you let it.  It is a tool, a wonderful tool -not more and not less. Even Wikipedia is full of mistakes, you just can’t trust anybody these days.

The world wide web -we all should use it wisely.





15 thoughts on “The Internet – A Circus and a Battleground

  1. My husband is a news junkie and it drives me to despair. I’m afraid I’m a rose coloured specs/head in the sand person who really doesn’t enjoy having my nose rubbed in the grimy ‘truth’. I think Cindy mentions WP. For me, escapism in it’s finest form.


  2. I read everything with a grain of salt- hard to know what is true and what is exaggeration. I will say friends of mine will post articles I sometimes find interesting, or some breaking story I hadn’t heard about because I mostly stay away from the news. I totally agree with you about the road rage in comments in the news- people hide behind anonymity and post disgraceful things

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  3. Hmmm. I think true “news” is hard to find anywhere these days. You really have to dig deep for the true journalism that picks apart an issue’s complexities, and it’s not easy with all the biased and “fake” news. International news is almost non-existent. I don’t find your posts controversial, but I do find them thoughtful and honest, which to me is highly refreshing. I vote for more of your authentic voice. 🙂

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    • I record BBC world news in the morning and I read it online, when I want to know what is going on in the world. I read the news in Europe on a daily base, because I feel that we don’t get much information anymore. It’s like we live on an island and the rest of the world has been swallowed by a gigantic whale and only gets “spit up” when there are tragedies or disasters.

      I like the words “controversial” and “honest.” What a high praise you just gave me.

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  4. Thank goodness we are sheltered from most of this in our wordpress world! Mass media (news etc) do this to us also and make a lot of money feeding us slanted/selected news. My daughter worked on “Project Censored,” which reports news stories that mass media won’d cover. We have to be careful and screen what we read. Interesting post~

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    • “Feeding us slanted/selected news,” you got that right and I am so tired of it. I feel like someone else has the power of attorney over my knowledge and I get only what they approve of.
      I will look into “Project Censored,” thank you Cindy for mentioning it.


  5. Yup. We should all learn to use it wisely. I always groan when I hear people complain about Facebook etc, because Facebook is just a tool and one we have more control over than we think we do. We can filter the stories that come through (except for the ads but I ignore those), we can filter the people we follow and most important of all, we don’t need to be friends with everybody. With the Internet being so new (relatively speaking), we are still adjusting how to incorporate it into our lives and slowly we will find a way that brings harmony. It just takes time.

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    • It stopped me dead in my tracks as well. It also made me think about me and my blog, about how I come across.

      You are the second one -in two weeks- who calls a quote that I post “thought provoking.” Oh, do I hate it when my husband is right. LOL -just kidding…he knows me best. Thankyou for stopping by Bernadette!

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