Hey, Universe!


How can he say that? I do matter! Don’t I?

Hey Universe, look over here. You owe me!

I deserve happiness and answers to all my questions.

How dare you universe! Are you telling me I don’t matter?

I am struggling. I lay in bed at night and wonder, “Is this all?” The silent question that so many of us ask, I ask it too.

I want answers! I want explanations! I want to understand!

My past, my present, my future! Hey Universe,give me some answers!

Don’t turn away!

What is my purpose is life? What am I supposed to do?

“The Universe is Much Greater than Man’s Perception”

OK, sorry for bothering you.


Am I really that significant to the order of life, that what I do will matter? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from living my life like I could be important, and what I do could matter. Maybe at the end we’re all just dreamers in an endless universe. Purpose unknown.



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