Once upon a Time



Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a faraway land, where everything seemed impossible. She watched others play and laugh, while she was hiding in her room crying.

She hoped they wouldn’t find her, that this time the voices would be busy yelling at each other and they would just forget about her. The screaming and yelling never stopped, the hurt went on; happiness was beyond reach. The world is a dark place when you are little, but can’t be a child.

A year later the girl in the faraway land had moved, and lived at a place where everything was possible. She played with others and laughed out loud, when she was hiding in the fields. She was hiding again, hoped they wouldn’t find her. She loved playing hide-and-seek game. Trees were giants and sticks were used as swords. There was no yelling and screaming, just love and understanding, happiness was everywhere. The world is a happy place when you are little and love being a child.

And now you know why I was raised by my Grandmother. I had two childhoods, but only one that mattered. One didn’t break me, the other one made.




15 thoughts on “Once upon a Time

  1. “The world is a dark place when you are little, but can’t be a child.” How true is that… How old were you when you went to live with your grandparents, Bridget?


  2. A powerful and moving post. I think that often from the distillation of those experience comes great wisdom and compassion. Best of all is the choice to create a different future for ourselves and our children and ultimately our grandchildren. Grandmothers Rock!

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