Mr. Ladybug calls it quits


We were both smokers when we met and continued to smoke together throughout the years. We huddled up in front of a heater or a grill in the wintertime and sweat together in the summer time. For richer and poorer, through cold and heat-we were were a smoking team…and then I quit.

It came out of nowhere. I put one out and never lit another cigarette again. February 3rd, 2014, that’s when my husband lost his smoking buddy.

I asked him once or twice if he would consider quitting in the future, he always shook his head. “I will smoke until the day I die,” he said and I accepted it. Just because I changed my mind about something, doesn’t mean he has to do the same thing.

I married a smoker, why would I try to change him now. It’s his call, not mine. Believe it or not, even our dogs react to the word  “smoke,” they know it means a trip to the outside word and they are all for it. “Let’s go outside”  means front door, “Let’s smoke” means back door. I am probably the only ex-smoker who still says LET’S SMOKE on a daily base. I find it highly amusing.

August 31st 007

Five days ago my husband came home in the evening and showed me his cigarette pack. “I haven’t smoked all day long,” he said and I stood there with my mouth wide open. “You quit?” I asked.

I am not ready to say that I quit, but I am taking a smoking break…indefinitely.”

“Poor me, he will be a pain in the tuchus,” I thought, but then I stopped myself. I am not going to step into the same trap like so many, that’s make-believe. People don’t have to react badly when they give up smoking. I was a cheerful little bugger throughout my quit -no casualties were reported during the first weeks and months.

Quitting was so easy for me. Sometimes I think I didn’t really quit but outgrew smoking -if that makes any sense at all.

“So, what made you think about an indefinite smoke break?” I asked him.

“I will be 58 soon,” he said, “I started smoking when I was 12. I was laying in bed at night and thought about it, then I decided not to wait until my birthday but quit right away.

He didn’t tell me about his plans, because there was no plan. He quit the same way I did. Out of the blue, without a big announcement and without any silly aids that the tobacco industry has to offer. He is taking his cigarettes with him, like he always has, he just doesn’t touch them. I understand that better than anybody. I had my last unopened cigarette pack in the freezer for about 4 month, before I got rid of it.

I looks like his mind is made up, Mr. Ladybug is going to quit smoking after 46 years. I will keep track of his journey and will celebrate all his milestones. I am very happy for him -for both of us. The old chalkboard in the kitchen reads DAY #and it makes me smile. Maybe his quit will be easy as well, because I showed him it can be.

Mr Ladybug

Now I just have to explain it all to our dogs. 🙂



22 thoughts on “Mr. Ladybug calls it quits

  1. Congratulations on “Mr. Ladybug”! I hope he it lasts.

    I quit when I was 25. I had several times before, but the last time was even harder, so that more than anything proved to me that I could never go back. And when I see the cost of cigarettes today… wow, just think of all the money you’ll save…

    Your white dog looks a lot like our Idina, at least when Idina was a puppy. Idina is now 45 or 50 lbs of pure muscle, but she still looks like that.

    Great smile 🙂

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  2. What a hoot about the dogs. I really appreciate what you said: “Sometimes I think I didn’t really quit but outgrew smoking.” I think that is so true. And I often wonder if it isn’t true for a number of other things. Like the “Freshman 15” that suggests as soon as you start college you’re going to gain 15 lbs. because for the first time you feel like you can eat anything you want. So you binge. Perhaps growing out of that mentality is exactly the same thing. Lots of “food for thought” there. Great post.

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  3. Oh how wonderful for you both!! That is really awesome, and I hope he is able to hold strong as you have. I think he will feel the difference and that will continue to push him through. I LOVE the shot of your dogs! Great news Bridget!

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  4. I stopped smoking with 50 without help except for 1 o 2 chewing gums. I am now approaching 70, but my other half is still smoking. I have given up with friendly persuasion as it does not work. Although I will print this out for him to read. Of course it might not be for ever, but at least your Mr. America is thinking about it. Mr. Swiss does not smoke indoors, but outside on the porch. Enough said, I can just hope that one day perhaps ……

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