Finally a Sit-In to Change the Gun Laws!

gun law

A 13-year-old boy from Virginia tried to buy lottery tickets and porn magazines in 2014, that was denied. He tried to buy alcohol and cigarettes, that too was denied because of his age. 

But when he went to a gun show, he apparently purchases a .22 bolt-action rifle for a handful of cash.

“It should shoot pretty good for you,” the seller says, handing over the rifle.

“I’ll take it,” the boy responds.

The video was shared 25,000 times after being re-posted on Twitter on Thursday. The boy, a young actor, showed us 2 years ago how easy it is to buy a gun in this country.

Nothing has changed, more innocent people died. But now there is hope.

Finally, the Democrats must have found their spine, they are standing up -sitting down- for a change in our guns laws.

A change that so many hope for. Will things change? Will the NRA (National Rifle Association of America) allow the Republican party to vote for stricter gun laws? (They do need to ask permission right? Or can you bite the hand that feeds you?)

gun law2

The Republican party calls the sit-in by the Democrats a publicity stunt. I am fine with it. Even if it would just be a circus act, what better place could they have chosen, then the biggest circus we have…the congress.

Inside Democrats shout “SHAME, SHAME”, outside people shout “DO YOUR JOB! “

Will they finally do their job? I hope so, I truly hope so.

The second amendment has been abused over and over. I don’t care if the shooter is a crazy Catholic, a radical Islamist, or a disturbed Atheist. The only thing I care about is a stricter gun law. A young boy shouldn’t be able to buy a gun. NEVER! EVER!

It is time for a change, it is time for stricter gun laws!


Today I am proud to be a democrat (with a lower “d”). I am in awe.

gun law


40 thoughts on “Finally a Sit-In to Change the Gun Laws!

  1. The problem with getting medical records checked prior to purchase of a weapon is that the federal government has made it so difficult to find out any medical background through the HIPPA laws. I can’t even get my hands on my OWN medical records without practically a court order. I have to show two id’s and then wait a week or so before I can get my own blasted records. We do need reasonable gun laws, but until HIPPA is changed no gun background check will ever have access to them. No one at this time can purchase a fully automatic weapon which is a good thing. The “military style’ weapons are just that…a style. they shoot no more rapidly than any other semi-automatic weapon. and it is extremely difficult to convert a weapon from semi to fully automatic without making the weapon unusable. We need to stop weapons from being sold online, at gun shows, flea markets and individual sales. I saw two rifles last week at a yard sale for Heaven’s sake… they should only be purchased through a dealer and there needs to be a much better background check. BUT, it will not stop criminals from getting weapons. Gun laws will never stop someone that has no respect for the law. I don’t have an answer for the whole bloody mess. I own a gun, have done since I was 21 years old. It stopped a burglar, and it stopped a would-be rapist. and I have never even loaded the thing.

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  2. A very well written article. Just before this last one (where the gay club was attacked) I wrote something for a word prompt “playful”, not knowing that there was another massacre just about to happen.

    I know I don’t live in the states, and could it’s none of my business. But, I am sorry I find it hard as human being to keep my mouth shut when innocent people die, because a handful of them think this is a game.
    Very well written. I have to go to work. But I think I am going to be a regular visitor at your blog

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  3. I was happy to see the Democrats get a spine as well. I hope they stick with it! Our gun laws are bizarre. That children are able to buy guns is insane. That we permit citizens to purchase a military-style assault weapon is foolish. The pro-life party is the epitome of hypocrisy. That’s my rant and I’m sticking to it 😀

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  4. In response to Oneta Hayes re criminals still having guns… Yes, despite our gun laws (Aus) members of organised crime gangs still get their hands on guns (mostly imported from America) but they use them to shoot each other over the big stuff, like who has which drug monopoly. It’s a separate world that rarely touches the general population. So the vast majority of Australians don’t even think about guns and your normal housebreaker won’t have one. Imagine that!

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      • My pleasure! I am very, very grateful for Australia’s gun laws and constantly shocked, outraged and incredulous that the country that prides itself on leading western civilisation actively encourages its citizens to own weapons specifically designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. I can only assume that big money has an effect I didn’t realise: it kills the conscience.

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        • Big money is indeed the issue. Sometimes I fear we will have another Wild West, but his time with semi automatic weapons.

          I liked the European gun laws. I think that’s one of the things that I miss here in the U.S.


    • Yes I can relate to that, because I live in of Country of smart people and smart govt (its pretty dumb when it comes to many other things) when it comes to guns. Port Arthur massacre was a good wake up call, but we woke up. After Sandy hook I thought something would happen. Here’s me still hoping.

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      • I remember Sandy Hook. I was on my way home, had stopped at a traffic light and tears were running down my face. I was so sure things would change after that. They didn’t.

        I do am a first generation immigrant. I was born in Europe right on the boarder between Italy and Austria. So we have something in common.

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        • I was watching a program on tv a couple of days ago. Where there are Sandy Hook Skeptics. they believe the whole thing was staged. And they go to extent of taunting the parents. How can someone go that low. It doesn’t matter what your believes are would you not even show compassion to a parent whose lost his/her angel. Most of these idiots claim to be religious as well.

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  5. Big problem getting the criminals to obey the law as it is now or as it might be amended. I don’t know how to do that and have no advice to give. I do believe, however, that if a robber knows I have a gun in the house he will probably move on. Caring for my own skin, yep. Is it true that Chicago has tough gun laws? I’ve heard that, but I don’t know for sure. I tend to think it is true. I doubt that they are deliberately selling to teen gangs. But it seems to happen somehow. I’m not nearly as dogmatic about knowing that a law against something keeps it from happening. Off the top of my head I would say, “Yes, let’s get rid of assault weapons,” but then I wonder how many crooks are going to turn theirs in because they become illegal. As I said I’m not so intolerant as some. If I were voting, I don’t know how I would vote. I sort of trust the gov in spite of the gov we have. They have the info, I don’t. I like the constitution. By the way didn’t the founding fathers allow ammo. I don’t see any in the picture above. Tends to make me think Granlund is not telling all the truth. Just consider me a open minded fuddy duddy. I don’t know what fuddy duddy means in this context.


    • I think most people would be happy with stricter background checks and a ban of assault riffles and semi-automatic weapons.

      Medical records should be included in the background check, that’s just a no-brainer. How can someone, who is on medication for his bipolar disorder be allowed to own a gun. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. How could a religious fanatic be on the no-fly list, but be able to purchase guns. That’s insanity.

      Criminals will always have guns, but getting them should be harder.


  6. Is there any hope? This just in:

    “While two dozen or so Democratic lawmakers camped out in the well of the House chamber, Speaker Paul Ryan talked tough hours after adjourning the body until July 5 during a raucous overnight session.

    “Democrats can talk all they want,” Ryan said. “But the bottom line is despite these distractions we did our job.”

    Ryan said he has no intention of bringing up for a vote proposed bills that would bar suspected terrorists on no-fly lists from buying guns and impose universal background checks saying they “already failed in committee.”

    Once again, Ryan dismissed the Democratic show of defiance as “a publicity stunt, a fund-raising stunt.”

    But the Democrats gave no sign of surrendering.”

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    • Emilio, I am following this as well. For the first time I see them speaking up and part of our government shows the willingness to change these ridiculous gun laws. Will they be changed? Probably not, for sure not by Republicans an their Donald, who just promised people that they can keep their guns IF he will be “King.”

      This country is truly divided. There are the ones who want reform and change (Democrats) and the ones who want to make America great again, like it was in 1950, when people were not equal.

      I want to see more of this, I don’t care if it’s a publicity stunt or just rebellion.

      As for Ryan, he is the one who just sold his soul to the Donald. 🙂

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  7. I tend to think that any amendment, to any law, anywhere in the world, is OK at the time (even though I may not agree with it) because the legislature believed it was correct at that time. Laws, and amendments MUST change over time to reflect changing times, changes in thought and belief and vast changes in society. Laws must never be dictated by a minority, especially a minority controlled by powerful lobby groups.

    I find it strange that anyone aged 18, or over, can buy any amount of explosives, at any time of the year, here in the UK. In the light of modern day terrorism it does not seem right to have free access to fireworks. Am I an old fuddy duddy?

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    • I was born and raised in Europe myself. I live here in the U.S. since more than 30 years but still can’t wrap my mind around all these trigger happy people here.
      Why should any civilian own an assault weapon or a semi automatic?
      How can any lobby have that much influence?
      If I would be younger, I would start a political party myself, like the 5-star movement in Italy. I would name it WTP (We the People).
      You are not an old fuddy duddy, neither am I. 🙂

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