Share your World – 2016 Week 26

Marlene Dietrich

What’s your most memorable (good or bad) airplane flight?

Many years ago I booked a flight to Gran Canaria, one of the Spanish, Canary Islands. Only three people boarded the plane – I was one of them. It made me feel very uncomfortable; an almost empty plane is spooky. I looked at all the vacant seats and wondered what had happened.

An airplane with passengers to Gran Canaria had been forced to land at a different airport, due to engine trouble. Around 150 people had missed their connecting flight and were probably very upset, while I enjoyed the first class service on the plane. I played gin rummy with the flight attendant; we ate and drunk pretty much everything the first class had to offer. It was a fun trip.

How many bones, if any, have you broken? 

I think I broke my little toe at least once when a doorframe jumped in my way and I broke my nose when a squash ball hit me. Nothing major   *Knock on wood*.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (guest can be dead, alive, famous or someone you just know)

I would like to invite Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, and Peter Ustinov. I find all three of them fascinating, and I would love to know more about their lives.

I admire Marlene Dietrick for the courage she showed during Word War II. I adore Charlie Chaplin for all his work, and I have the utmost respect for Sir Peter Ustinov, one of the greatest raconteurs of our time. Meeting all three of them would be fun (for me).

Make a Currently List: What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating, needing, wanting, and missing right now?

Reading: “Everything I never told you” by Celeste Ng. If you are on the lookout for a good book, that’s the one to get. I have to warn you; you won’t blog for a few days.

Watching: Season 6th of Game of Thrones. What can I say…we are fans.

Listening: To “All blues’d up.” Various blues artists sing Janis Choplin songs. I found the CD in a bargain bin for 99cents. What a treat it is. I am working, and my tail is wagging. 🙂

Eating: Black bean chili, we were both hungry for it. I mad a big pot, and now the kitchen will be clean for two days.

Needing: Vacation, a few days vacation would be nice. We are both overworked.

Wanting: Nothing really. I have everything I (we) need.

Missing: My friend! She passed away two years ago and not a day goes by without me missing her.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I have been incredibly lucky last week. I dislocated my thumb and pulled a tendon in my right arm when I tried to be superwoman. Surprisingly enough I can still work and type and I am not in pain. I wear a nice splint in the evenings and during the night. I am very grateful; it could have been so much worse.

Next week is the last “normal” work week, then I have only smaller projects and will have time to enjoy the summer. I am looking forward to it.

Thank you, Cee! Great questions (as always). Click  >>>here<<< and participate. It’s fun!


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25 thoughts on “Share your World – 2016 Week 26

  1. Thank you for sharing. I would listen to your talk show as I don’t know much about any of the people you chose. I have seen one or two Chaplin films, have heard of Dietrick, but not of Ustinov.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you hand is healing nicely, and you take time to enjoy Summer..
    Going to your first Q. my most horrendous flight was in a small plane from Dubai to Sri Lanka in the 90’s on a business trip.. We hit air turbulence and we thought it was dropping out the the sky.. One poor lady was so in shock she vomited. Not a nice aroma for the rest of the flight!.
    Have a good week and glad I caught your post in the reader this morning.
    Love Sue


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