Fly high and feel small!


I always try to get a window seat on an airplane; I love to look down at clouds -they look so different from above.

When I look up at them, they look like moving cotton balls that fly by in various shapes and forms, but up there in the sky, they are an inviting, white carpet and more than anything do I wish I could leave the plane and walk outside.

Looking outside this small airplane window brings things back into perspective.

All my fears and sorrows are hidden under a white blanket; they remain unseen. Whatever had troubled me on earth, is all of a sudden not longer important up here.

How insignificant I am, compared to the endless universe.

Why do we take ourselves so serious all the time? Up here, high up in the sky, that’s when we are all alike. We are small and little!

I am human; I have the tendency to take myself too serious, and I like to think that I matter. And while I matter to a handful of people, in the end, I am just a little speck in the universe -we all are.

Flying high brings me back down to earth, literally and metaphorically.

No matter
how dark and gray
the world below is,
above the clouds
the sun is always shinging






22 thoughts on “Fly high and feel small!

  1. Lovely post! Like you, I love to sit by the window in a plane…and fantasize that I can just go for a stroll. I find it so peaceful to find the sun after rising through a storm…it reassures me, and crazy as it might sound, seeing myself as a speck is comforting. The finiteness of everyone, politician, celebrity, king, or little me, is real, in a good way. To me that means, all people are the same…not alike but the same. And if I am in the right frame of mind, I can see my grain of sand in the mere speck humans are, or our world is, or even our galaxy is in the universe, yet a part of the whole. Tiny as my speck is, I am part of infinity. Great thought to start my day…thank you for this thoughtful post! Jo

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  2. Your pictures are beautiful… When I feel the need for that perspective, I just go outside and look at the stars. No getting on planes for me. ^_^ Nothing makes me feel smaller than looking into the endless night sky.

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