4th of July Fireworks – Pets – And a Brain Manual

Fireworks-And-Dogs 7

I wish I could go around in my neighborhood and give out some brain. Some of our neighbors seem to be in desperate need of some increased thinking power. Wait, maybe they don’t require more brain but a user manual instead. 

Page 1: Introduction

This is how you use your brain. Follow the instructions carefully, don’t try to experiment on your own. IT WILL NOT WORK!

You don’t know why I am mad, how could you? Well, let me try to explain.

Our city had the 4th of July celebration last night. It was spectacular and breathtaking; the most beautiful firework show lit up the sky for about 30 minutes. Other parts of town will have the celebrations tonight, other’s Sunday in the evening.

Independence Day, that means BBQ’s and picknicks, get-togethers with friends, good food, and laughter, a long weekend that we all will enjoy.

Everything would be great, if we wouldn’t have a few dipsticks in our neighborhood, who have their own, little hillbilly firework show not just Friday night, but EVERY day until the 4th of July and the days after -depending on how much money the invested.

Fireworks-And-Dogs 3

They don’t buy the basic firework, the ones that brights up the sky, no, they purchase a truckload of firecrackers. I am not sure why, but they seem to think that they have to throw firecrackers on the streets in a 15-intervale -from dusk to dawn- for about a week. And that’s why  I think they need more brain.

I love fireworks, and I understand why people want to throw some firecrackers, what I don’t understand  is, why it has to go on for so many days.

Our dog looked at me with big eyes last night; she was shaking like a leaf. “Whats’s going on outside,” she seemed to ask me. Her tail was hanging down, she was scared and tried to hide. She just turned a year, and this is the first time her little world is in distress.


Fireworks-And-Dogs 6


I had taken the dogs for a walk early in the afternoon when some teenagers decided to throw firecrackers in our way. They thought it would be hilarious, to scare our big dogs and me. I didn’t find it funny, neither did our dogs. I turned around and walked toward the group of kids what surprised them; they got up and left before I could confront them.

The 4th of July weekend is a special day for us to celebrate. Sadly, it’s also a weekend when many of our pets will be terrified and will run away. Dogs have been known to break through screen doors and even glass windows in the process. Some dogs end up running into the road and getting hit by cars, or they just go missing forever. All animal shelters report an increased number of lost animal companions after firework events.

Fireworks-And-Dogs 2

I am not saying that you can’t have a firework; I just wish I could make people understand that it can cause harm to humans and animals. Celebrate on Monday, the 4th of July…don’t drag it out for one week.

Take care of your pets this weekend. Make sure they wear tags with name and phone number if they don’t have a microchip. Check the collar, make sure it isn’t too loose when you go for a walk with your dog. Don’t leave them outside unattended, even the oldest and the calmest dog can get spooked.

I hope all my 2-legged and 4-legged reader will be safe.

Happy Independence Day!




14 thoughts on “4th of July Fireworks – Pets – And a Brain Manual

  1. Fireworks here are organized by the local shire and held in a local park. We can’t buy fireworks except through making an application and asking permission. It comes with strict rules. I suppose the US loves anything that makes big bangs and noise. It covers up a lot that in quiet contemplation could well make for change. I mean much stricter laws on gun ownership. This would make both animal and men feel a lot safer.


  2. There’s also another side. I don’t remember our dog being afraid, but my mother certainly didn’t like fireworks. She said they reminded her of the bombings during the war. I don’t know about your city, but in a large multi-cultural city like Toronto, the number of people who have come here from war-torn countries is very high. I’m sure there are more than a few of them who are very uncomfortable with the night-time banging.

    … and having firecrackers thrown at you is NOT funny! Why are some people such idiots?

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  3. “Hillbilly fireworks show” is common here too. Not only is it strung over days, but into hours past midnight. My 10 year old wakes me up several times on those nights, thinking someone is trying to get into our house. We do love fireworks…done respectfully of people and pets.

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  4. Yep, in our old neighborhood in Albuquerque, they did the same thing… and fireworks were banned there. But despite having the cops called on them every freaking night, they still had to have their “show” and scare every dog in the neighborhood.

    Luckily, we’ve moved to a more rural place and our neighbors are quieter. No one wants to spook the livestock. Makes a difference when it’s the moneymakers that might be spooked. You know?

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