It’s not a Problem to be solved




There is birth and there is death, life is not that complicated. The same destination will be reached by all of us in the end. The question is not when we get there, but rather how we get there.  The miles in between, how do we spend them?

I am surprised by how many people seem to focus on the end. Instead of enjoying the present, they worry about what will happen when they reach the final destination. To me, it feels like they sleep through a train ride and when they reach the last station, they wake up, rub their eyes and they wonder how they got there.

What a journey it is. There are forks in the road and up and downs. There are curves and detours and often it seems we might end up right where we started. There are valleys of sadness and sorrow, there are hills full with laughter and happiness.

Lots of sunshine, followed by stormy days and no matter how much we try, we will never be fully prepared, the wind will hit us in the face -and maybe it should.


We didn’t plan our journey like that, it just happened…got a life of its own. The more we travel, the more we see; the more we see, the more we understand. No matter how hard we try to be prepared for everything, it just doesn’t work like that.

While our destiny might tell us what we are to the world, our journey tells us who we are; it’s our journey that unfolds our true potential.

Make your journey special~!




12 thoughts on “It’s not a Problem to be solved

  1. Love the message and the Pooh images (a favorite character with such sweet wisdom). I used to work in hospice, and it was sad to meet people at the end who regretted not laughing, loving, and living it up when they had the chance. 😦


  2. I really liked the closing line “While our destiny might tell us what we are to the world, our journey tells us who we are”. It reminds me of the expression ‘life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans’.

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