The Silent Storm inside me


The first time I saw the desert was a moment I will never forget. I had read and heard a lot about it, but nothing could have prepared me for the emotions that I felt when I saw the golden ocean with my own eyes.

I stood there for quite some time, once again in awe of nature. I looked at the Sahara Desert, and I felt a longing that didn’t make any sense at the time; I felt an uprising inside me that seemed to come out of nowhere.

And there’s silent storm inside me
Looking for a home
I hope that someone’s gonna find me
And say that I belong

I started running like a little kid; run and slid up and down the sand dunes until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I finally stopped, dropped down on the ground and just lay there in the warm sand. After a while, I got up, looked around, and I felt calm and happy.

The other travelers looked at me. I could see it in their faces, they didn’t understand and how could they? I couldn’t explain it either. Why would I, the farm girl, who was raised in the Austrian Alps, feel so overwhelmed by the endless desert? Why did I feel at home, at a place so far from home?

I had felt it all my life; there is a silent storm hidden inside me; it’s a longing that I could never explain.  A yearning to find the one place that would feel like coming home.

I carried the silent storm with me for a few more years, until I found where I belonged and it left me with a beautiful calmness.




13 thoughts on “The Silent Storm inside me

  1. What a beautiful song. I love your description of seeing the desert “the golden ocean”. I have never left the place I grew up- lived in the same town my whole life just a few blocks from where I grew up my longing now is for something new, unfamiliar.

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    • I adore the song, play it often. You have this beautiful, large family and so much support. You have been home all along.

      If you have longing now…follow it. Plan a nice vacation with your husband. Go and see what you long to see and don’t hesitate emailing me if I can be of any assistance planing an unforgettable trip.

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      • You are so sweet- I traveled every summer when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, now we enjoy just a one night stay somewhere and then back to the comforts of home. I have always been a “home body” but feel I might want to live in a new town, with new roads and parks to discover-who knows? 🙂

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  2. This makes me think of past lives or some soul connection that can’t be explained by our ordinary corporeal lives. I felt that the first time I saw the Tetons – I burst into tears, the feeling of coming home powerful beyond words.

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  3. In your stories, there is always at least one line that really stands out and talks to me.
    In this one it was “there is a silent storm hidden inside me; it’s a longing that I could never explain”.
    All I can say is “yup”.

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