Miss Liberty is not frail – she is angry!

Lady Liberty

The Republican convention starts today in Cleveland, Ohio, just a couple of hours further north from my home. Protesters are gathered outside, they are all there to demonstrate against Donald Trump, and I wish I would live closer. I am older and wiser now -my protesting years are over since a long time- but in this case, I would make an exception. 

I don’t know how it could happen that we are in such a mess, but we are, and I hope many people will show their disapproval. The world needs to see that and so do I. I am scared. The lies, the vulgarities, and the violence have completely destroyed the democratic process.

I feel ashamed by some of the things I hear, and I don’t understand how people can even consider voting against their best interest. The race for the White House has become so personal, so filthy and so dirty that it’s easy to forget that we are all fighting for the future of the same country. It’s our future! Maybe now would be a good time for us to step back and reflect on the true goals of democracy.

Lady Liberty’s classic stature, face, and attire come from the Roman goddess Libertas, who also represents freedom from tyranny and oppression. The crown is reminiscent of a halo, and its spikes show similarities to those of the sun gods-the Roman Apollo, and the Greek Helios. Her right foot is raised as if she is continually on the move, forever bringing freedom to others. (Source: Howtallisladyliberty.org)

I wonder if she is shaking lately; shaking not because she is old and fragile, but shaking of anger.

Charlie Chaplin, one of my hero’s -my idol- gives a speech at the end of  THE GREAT DICTATOR. It is  more than a speech, it’s a road map, an instruction, on how we can conquer the issues that seem to divide us. It’s a beautiful statement on how a great and selfless leader should view the world.

I wish I could go from door to door and could make people listen to one of the greatest speeches ever written.



32 thoughts on “Miss Liberty is not frail – she is angry!

  1. I sympathise, I sympathise, I sympathise. Here in England we’ve made the most almighty mess and I do think Boris and Trump share some (not all, thank god) characteristics – they are both narcissists, in love with themselves and willing to do or say anything to gain the adulation they crave. But, oh they are so dangerous, because this is a characteristic shared by some of the worst leaders in history. I’d better stop.

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  2. I could not agree more! I am a conservative and I am at a total and complete loss as to what to do. I look at our choices and think…”THIS is the BEST we can do?” But then I realize…WE as a nation are the ones who let it come down to those choices. I am fearful. VERY fearful about what the next few weeks, months and years hold. We are a GREAT nation who has allowed injustice, petty agendas, and stubborn prejudices to blind us to task at hand. We need to stop name calling and bullying and start treating each other as humans. At this point I am ready to write in a name.

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    • I think many of us feel the same way. I am scared, can’t believe that THIS is happening. So much anger, so much hate and the name-calling.

      You are right, we did that, we let it come to this point. I am an independent voter and I am at loss for words as well.

      Maybe we all should have spoken up months ago? I don’t have the answers.

      Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your thoughts and your comment.

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      • I have always voted for who I thought was the right person for the job. I hate the labels we have created for ourselves. I am neither Republican or Democrat. I am a AMERICAN who wants what is best for her country and the two choices we have are NOT it.
        We should have spoken up sooner…myself included. However, I honestly don’t think anyone took Trump seriously and many thought Hilary would fizzle as she did before.
        Our Country is angry and demanding change, but this is not it. Scary days ahead, but I believe we are better then this and CAN rise above it. Somehow! Thanks for the great post!

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  3. It’s a while since I last watched that and I’d forgotten how powerful it is. Racism, hatred and mistrust are prevalent everywhere, and if everyone would abide by these words the world would be a better place. I fear for the world’s future if Trump is elected President. We in Britain have just shown how to screw up our country and others too, I hope the US heeds that lesson!

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    • The media is controlling this election. Trump gets 4/5 for the coverage. And…he is running against H. Clinton, who is a weak and flawed candidate. I am a liberal posterchild and I have a hard time thinking about voting for her.

      I wish I could make everybody listen to this speech.

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      • That’s what worries me – he could be elected simply because he isn’t her. But we’ve had a referendum won by racist clowns, so there’s a precedent. The speech is amazing, I may use it in a post too – with a suitable credit to you for reminding me of it, of course.

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        • You know I watched Charlie Chaplin movies when I was little, I saw “The great Dictator” but didn’t really understand how great his words were.

          Later on when I learned English I listened to it again and translated it.

          Use this speech, many should read it. There is no need to credit me, just credit Charlie 🙂

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  4. I feel as though this country has simply become an angry nation, all too ready to pound fists, to judge, to condemn, to use violence against others that they somehow view as less than perfect. I could go on, but I’m sure you get my point. I feel very helpless right now. How do we make this a peaceful, happy, loving country, rather than one that seems divided? How do we take the anger away?


  5. I am wary of commenting on Ameican politics. I do not live there, although I certainly have my own opinions. I have spent the past week in London in the wake of Brexit and a new prime ministerin and am impressed for the first time for many years. It is different being in the actual country as to looking in from another country.

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      • OK, I am a Boris Johnsson fan who is now the new foreign minister, but it seems to be that some organisation is coming into the british government. She has put plans into action, England have left the EU. Switzerland were never in the EU (and I am not sorry about that). she is moving forward, has formed a new government and somewhere they have to face reality. I do not know if she is good, but I do not have the feeling that a bunch of amateurs are now running the country. I say give the lady a chance, and see what happens. I am not very good at politics, Ieave it to Mr. Swiss who follows everything closely. I just wish she would have a look in the mirror when she wears her trouser suit, which seems to be a slight misfit.


      • I detest Trump, hate the man and Hilary Clinton is also not my sort of thing. I just do not understand how these people get in the running for president, but enough. It is not my country and I do not know the effects from inside out. Basically I am a socialist by background, growing up in a working class area and family. Today I am a bit left of center perhaps. I just seem to like the odd balls like Boris. Anyhow let’s see how he makes out 🙂

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        • You know I wonder the same thing. Is it all we have to offer? Clinton and Trump?

          I have a European soul and have no problem with some of the socialist ideas like free college (for the ones who are actual college material) and a healthcare system that actually works.

          I was joking around with my husband, asked him if has any plans for his retirement. He will retire in 7 years and I was wondering about it. He said he would run for President then, since all of them are so old.


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