Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -Legs and Feet

November 8th 2015 011.JPG

Patches had come into our home last year as a little puppy, right after she and her siblings had been rescued. She bonded instantly with our big dogs, they took her in and accepted her as part of our family. 

holding on

I have a dog bed in my workroom and when I saw how they were sleeping, I just had to take a quick (blurry) picture with my phone. I apologize for the bad quality. I didn’t dare to get up; I didn’t want to miss that shot.

Maybe that’s where the word puppy love comes from?



Cee’s photography challenge: Legs and Feet






22 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -Legs and Feet

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  3. I think they are just the best! How wonderful that they bonded so perfectly. Our dog is a rescue and a bit nervous and anxious when other dogs are around. I’ve often wondered if she’d adjust to a new brother or sister. I’m not sure I could handle it if it didn’t work out. But your babies are just delightful. How nice for everyone!

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    • Gosh, they make me laugh. Those two are joined at the hip. Little one does what the bigger dogs do. It’s fascinating.

      They sleep together every night and when I am scold one, the other one looks at me like I might have lost it.

      Sadly, the older dog is already 10 and won’t be around forever. We talked about it and decided when the day comes, it will be done in our home with the other dogs around.

      This nobody will be just gone or missed -if that makes any sense.

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  4. The first photo is sort of “Synchronsitzen” – perhaps a new olympia discipline. Love the second. You have to be so careful when taking photos of sleeping dogs and cats. I am convinced they are pretending to sleep.

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