I am TRUMP-ed out!

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I am worn out – or should I say TRUMP-ed out. No matter where I go, there is another headline about THE DONALD – sadly he is not in the news for another bankruptcy or his TV series, no, this time, he is in the news because he is impersonating a presidential candidate. 

He has humiliated immigrants, women, Muslims, disabled reporters, veterans and his political rivals -even the ones in his own party. He has insulted my brain and he has stepped on my values.

This election game  shame gives us fantastic reality TV -without any reality. Headlines left and right,  one insult after the next, “Look what he has said this time, isn’t he entertaining?

Well, it might have been fun at the beginning, but now the fun is over; now we are down to serious business. It is after all the election for the world’s most powerful office.

At first I thought the Trump we saw was just an act, but that wasn’t true. He is not wearing a mask; he doesn’t even try to pretend. What we see is what we get, and what we (would) get is a man without compassion, contrition, and any self-control.

A bad tempered 70-year old, narcissistic Billionaire, who doesn’t follow any rules -not even his own. THE DONALD is a fictional TV character, an empty shell who plays the man of the people. His “positions” fluctuate like the heavy air in the areas where they cheer him on as he barks like a dictator out of a bad movie.

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No, it is not funny anymore, neither is it entertaining. It’s scary, tiring, and downright sad. We need to stop treating him like just another candidate. There is no reasoning with this man; he even makes a flawed candidate like Hillary Clinton look like a Saint. How lucky is she to run against him?

Trump is not a candidate, he is a media circus, a spectacle that is feed by the media and bad journalism. All for the greater good  -the ratings.

Are we actually considering handing over our nuclear codes to a man who suggests violence against his political rival, who toys with the idea of armed insurrection, and who gleefully stokes violence at his rallies?

Do we want a Commander-in-chief who makes fun of gold star military families? Who laughs about the ones in need.

Interesting enough, the hard core Trumps supporters are still standing strong: Crushed by technological and demographic changes -and abandoned by a broken, paralized systemthat they mostly voted for- they were just waiting for their leader.

They aren’t bothered by the fact thrat Trump lies pathologically; they don’t mind that he has no clue about world politics, domestic and economic policy or the complexity of diplomacy. No, he is their savior. For too long, they’ve been living in an alternate universe where reality and delusion blur, where truth and lies are inverted. Trump has legitimized them and their odd views of the world.

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Some compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini (I am one of them) but let’s be honest here for a moment, he’s much too lazy for those ambitions: All he wants is to win. He has never shown any interest in the ensuing, troublesome business of governingand I doubt he ever will.

He also lacks any ideology and he has no political agenda. Trump’s only agenda is himself, he is a one-trick-pony. “Nobody knows the system better than me, that’s why I will fix it,” he yelles but doesn’t offer any solutions. Empty slogans, empty promises…will they come true if you yell them loud enough?

However, lately his ship is sinking. Most members of the media have (finally) started to figure out his game, and even member of his own party have spoken up. Both the media and the politicians initially played along, as long as he provided them with high ratings and rising poll numbers. Now they are abandoning his ship, not because of their conscience but out of fear for their own, compromised existence.

I do wonder if he will just go away after he loses the election or after he backs out -what is more likely. What will he do? Will he go quietly? I doubt it; I think he will smash his toys like a bad-tempered toddler. He’s already poisoned us and he almost destroyed the 162-year-old party which created him, not that they don’ t deserve it.

There’s nothing fun about that anymore. If I never hear the word Trump again, that would make my day…byt then so would winning the lottery. In the end both is unlikely.

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39 thoughts on “I am TRUMP-ed out!

  1. Hi. I liked your article. My only regret about it is that I didn’t see it when you wrot it.. The explanation for everything you’ve pointed out is that donald trump appears to be a real sociopath. Here is some research I put together on this topic. We need to make this a big topic, as I believe he is mentally unfit to be presedent, and this situation is quite dangerous. https://twoifbycharmwordpress.wordpress.com/ B. Ashley

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  2. This whole situation is so unlikable. It makes me sad – sad and very worried – to see the fragmentation that’s happening in the US right now. This cannot end well.

    Even if he (the one I refuse to name) doesn’t win, he’s validated every crazy out there with racist and misogynistic beliefs. This is a frightening time!

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  3. I feel the same- I am worn out by his bizarre behavior, his big mouth, his disgusting treatment of people. It burns me up how he lies and his blind followers just keep following and thinking he is great and will make changes. I am more than happy everyday I see a headline that says his numbers are slipping. Let it continue to be so

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    • Helen, I wish I could answer that question.

      As for Hillary Clinton, well she has always been around. As First Lady, as Secretary of State, as a Senator, then she run against Obama and lost.
      It’s hard to feel excitement about something that you can’t get rid of. 🙂

      She does represent more of the same old and people are tired of it. I am a woman and I thought I would be tickled pink about a female nominee, but I am not.


  4. Trump will either sabotage his own candidacy and have to drop out or he will file a lawsuit when he loses because he’ll claim cheating – that the system is rigged. What do you think? These seem to be the prevailing theories.

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    • I do hope that the Republican party will show some backbone and will drop him. I think he doesn’t want to be President, because it really would mean giving up all his luxury and he would have to work for once. For him it’s a game, a power play, he loves to see how far he can manipulate certain people. As for his lawsuit…who cares. 🙂


  5. Everybody should read this post ! Great job! I could not have written it any better. This country is being deceived by an entertainer. But people are finally discovering this fact.

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  6. I have to agree. On the other hand, I want him to continue to turn off the saner people in his party. The last thing we need is for him to fool people into thinking he can actually run a country. And there are a lot of ready fools running around who would jump on board. I am still shocked that there are people who think for one minute that he’d be good for the country. It makes my head spin.

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  7. It’s one of those “How could this possibly happen?” situations. The answer is, probably, that politics is now so dominated by money that those who have, in abundance, get away with almost anything. Those of us in the majority, who just about get along, can do nothing about it. It makes me fearful for the future. Will common sense prevail? I certainly hope so, on both sides of “the pond”.

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    • Sometimes I think I am the only one who is “shouting” against it and I fear I might bore you all to death but then, it’s not too late yet. I don’t want to sit there in November thinking I could have done more.

      Thank you for stopping by Hilary and thank you for reading.


  8. You’re absolutely right, Trump isn’t funny and we shouldn’t laugh at him. The prospect of him having his finger on the red button is terrifying. Brexit isn’t funny either, but at least it can be made to work. Electing Trump would break the US and probably the world, there wouldn’t be any second chances.

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  9. Again, one of those dilemmas. I had to “like” this post because I enjoyed reading it, but I can’t “like” what is happening down in that there Amurkin politics. I often start to laugh because it is so incredibly ridiculous, and then I remember: it’s NOT reality TV, just plain old reality…sigh…

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