I see you, I see you not


For years I thought we had magical dirt in our home; somehow it could only be seen by me. I never understood how it worked, but I assumed the dirt could decide when to show itself and for some odd reason, it decides to only do so when I was around.

It bothered me on a daily base; dirty floors, and carpets, dishes that needed to be washed, shelves that needed to be dusted. It was everywhere, but I was the only one who could take action. It was almost like a curse and I wondered what made so special. Why did the dirt decide to be visible in my presence?

One night, when we were sitting in the living room, I noticed that my husband picked something up from the floor. I held my breath, couldn’t believe my eyes, finally the dirt had decided to show itself to my better half as well. I was overwhelmed with joy. 

Sadly, it only happened once or twice afterward, and then it dawned on my… my theory about the invisible dirt had been wrong all along. 

I needed answers, wanted to understand how it all worked. I got brave and decided to just ask, “Can you see the dirt?” I asked my husband and pointed around me.

First, it seemed like he didn’t know what I was talking about, but then he glanced around.

“Everything looks fine to me,” he said and then, at that moment, I understood. There is no magical dirt, there is something wrong with my husband’s eyesight; it’s playing tricks on him.

We talked about it on our last girl’s night out and finally -with the help of a few alcoholic beverages- we got to the bottom of it and found the only logical answer.

We believe our husbands are blind as a bat when it comes to dirt. Their eyes just  cant’ see what we can see, or maybe the connection between eye and brain has some loose wires.

Anyhow, we are going to fix it. An eye exam is scheduled for next week. I hope they can help him. 🙂





18 thoughts on “I see you, I see you not

  1. I think it all goes back to who set the level for whom in childhood. Most females got it set at a painfully high level of inspection and most males at a lower one. Occasionally parents manage to set it equally or even in reverse. I’ve become more relaxed over the years and, like Joyce above, it takes imminent guests to get my dusting/hoovering arm going.


  2. It’s not going to help. They have a missing gene. The gene-replacement therapy is extremely expensive and then you have to do behavioral conditioning with a shock collar. It’s easier to hire a cleaning service a couple times a week.

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  3. Commonly , husbands are all pretty blind, when it comes to dirt…..
    (While mothers -in-law are definitely not)

    Hope his scheduled exam will only show that everything’s all right, and hope you’ll not worry too much about cleaning, from now on!


  4. There are certain frequencies of light that cannot be detected by the male eye. Yes, there are some with the ability to see it, but the majority cannot. Dust and dirt reflect this type of light and refrigerators only use light of these frequencies, which is why most of us poor males can never find things in the ‘fridge.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking with it 😉

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