Oh, Fabulous Fifty!

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They say 50 is the new 40 and let me tell you something…they are lying. I know -I have been both, and I know the difference. Think about it, if that would be true would I have to wait to be 60 to be  finally 50? 

They say that we are “over the hill” when we hit 40,  and that too is a lie. I have no idea who writes these fairytales about different ages, but I assume it’s someone who hasn’t enjoyed any of them.

I am not over the hill; I am standing on top of it. I am standing there since a while, and I have no intention of going down (yet).

What is it then? Is age just a number? For some it might be; for me, it’s more of a statement.

“Don’t give me that crap,” would be my preferred phrase and I don’t mean it as rude as it sounds. By any means, I am not a rude person, but I just don’t have more time to waste on any kind of polite lies.

I have earned my right to roll my eyes, whenever I feel the need to do so. I have learned to show my disapproval, and I have perfected the raised-eyebrow-look.

I have also learned to show joy in any form and way I can think of. If I feel like jumping up and clapping my hands like a little toddler, then I will do so -even if the rest of the audience might still be sitting. I will ask for the chef in a restaurant, just to tell him how magnificent his dinner was.

There comes a new found freedom with 50 and it is fabulous. I love it. More than ever do I know what I want, and who I am.

I am not too old to get the purple and blue highlights that I want to try so badly. I can still run and play with the dogs, when I feel like it -even if I might regret it the next day. There is no age appropriate behavior –it’s all just an excuse to give up. Age is not holding us back; it’s our mindset –if we allow it to happen.

Yes, the 20-year-old jogger will pass me up, and that’s alright. I have been there myself; I know how it feels. I am still moving, and that’s all that matters. “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” and there won’t be any moss on this stone -as long as I can help it.

Most of us will get some health issues sooner or later and let’s be honest, of course, we do. We all are supposed to die one day, and we all just can’t die healthy, can we?

Being 50 is even fun in a relationship. We are growing old together and learned to laugh at each other in a very gentle and loving way. I pull the  white hair out of his eyebrows without any warning, just because I like the look on his face, and he screens my chin for the annoying black hair, that seems to live there now.

We share reading glasses in a restaurant, just because one of us always forgets to bring them. Age doesn’t change a relationship, just because some things might be changing. I feel as sexy as always -just not on a daily base- and I feel the same way about my husband.

Aging is not for sissies, but neither is being young.

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33 thoughts on “Oh, Fabulous Fifty!

  1. I loved when you said, “I am not over the hill; I am standing on top of it. I am standing there since a while, and I have no intention of going down (yet).” While reading your post I thought of a quote by Carl Jung. “Life really does begin at 40. Up until then you are just doing research”. I feel like this concept is so true and I love the way you are embracing your second half of life!

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  2. Truly brilliant and well said. Who ever say these has not been there. Yeah age us a number, it is assume all oldies are wise … thats another steriotype which isnt right.

    Enjoy whatever age you are and forget all the sterio types i say. Two ears for a reason … one in and one out…lol..

    Loved this post


  3. I hated 30, looking forward to 50 next year. I found out I can start getting discounts on fabric and such! 🙂 I’ve been taking my husband with me and he gets discounts at the fabric stores and I told him when I turn 50 I won’t ask him to go as much as I do now. 🙂

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  4. My favorite line – “There is no age appropriate behavior –it’s all just an excuse to give up.” A wonderful review of the joys of fifty years – and you might find this hard to believe, but sixty, seventy, eighty are all nice also – although the body doesn’t cooperate quite so well with what the brain and the mood wants to do!

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  5. I love the freedom of the 50’s too! My favorite line: “We are growing old together and learned to laugh at each other in a very gentle and loving way.” Things that I would have gotten all offended about in my younger years, now bring laughter. I love that part the best 🙂

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  6. I’m 56 and a bit (getting closer to 57 at this point)…and I still feel 19. Well INSIDE I do. My bones and joints tell me another story (they think they’re 87 some days).. I’ve had a lot of people tell me about that ‘age is just a number” business and I think to myself “yeah and so? Is there a point for saying that?” I too love the freedom that one gets as one ‘ages’ – whether gracefully or with panache (as in your case)! And I’ve noticed that people under 30 tend to treat anyone over 50 as if they’re a bit dotty, terminally a bit slow, and deaf. So if one acts that way …well one can be forgiven. The bit that bothers me most about getting to this precious age is that I’m mistaken for 70 more than 50+ a good deal. Well.. it’s just a number, right?

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    • I had a very serious health scare a while back, two to be exact. A lost my best friend two years ago, when she had just turned 50. Another one right before her 60th birthday.

      I think I just decided to enjoy my age -any age, sometimes even with panache. 🙂

      There is no telling when it will be over. We don’t have the right to reach a certain age. Yes, my bones ache and I hate that I have an autoimmune disease, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying life. There are enough -our age- younger and older- who will whine for all of us. 🙂


  7. I love growing older, particularly as a women (not that I have much choice). As you said, I know myself much better now then I did at twenty and there is such a liberation in not relying on the physical aspect of youth but rather the metal aspect of age.

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    • You are so spot on about the physical appearance. How much time did I waste thinking about “how I looked” when I was younger. I like the way I look, even in old lounge pants.

      I think we get more beautiful with age.


  8. I’ll be fifty next week-ish, but I’m afraid I started strolling down that hill a while ago. My body ages faster than my mind wants it to. >_<

    I remember when 30 was "over the hill" because my mom had a fit when she hit 30. And then she had another when she turned 40 — because 40 was the new 30 (or something like that). Is fifty the new forty? I keep missing that "over the hill" party I'm supposed to be having. ^_^ Ha!

    Oh well. Maybe when I'm 60. They keep changing the year…


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