868 people don’t like my​ post

bloggingThat’s the number I came up with, when I deducted the average number of likes, from the number of followers on my little blog.


– 45     The average number of likes on a decent post

= 868  That means 868 followers must dislike everything I write. Bummer!

That’s a depressing number, isn’t it?

Wait, it gets better…

I have between 200-400 daily views on my blog; what means, more than 50% of my followers don’t even bother to look at my posts when they appear in their reader. What mathematical blogging hell is that?

Wait, it gets better…

The 45 likes represent only 4.92% of my followers, does that mean 95% dislike everything  I write? Discouraging! How can that be, what am I doing wrong?

I can’t get new followers and readers as quickly as I seem to lose them. Maybe I should rethink everything about my blog, and I should start to write different STUFF, or maybe write in a different style or perhaps be nicer and more welcoming to new readers? (I am such a terrible host.)

I know, now I know what it is. Karma is biting me in the buttock. I politely asked three followers to unfollow me during the last 12 months. I didn’t mean to be rude when I suggested the UNFOLLOW; it was more an act of self-defense because their comments either bored me senseless or drove me crazy.  Once again did I rebel against the blogging etiquette. Maybe that’s why I am getting punished now. When will I learn?

I need to be nicer. No more sarcasm, no more bitching. Oh dear, that indeed sounds like blogging hell.

blogging 2

But wait, maybe it’s much simpler…

Just the other day, a new blogger thought about giving up because she felt she didn’t reach enough people. It made me sad. Exactly how many people are enough? Is there a magical number that we should reach in a certain amount of time? I don’t think so!

I remember my early blogging days when I got the first LIKES and how proud I felt when I realized, I had managed to interest ten people in my -then- daily quit smoking rants and vents.

10 People I had never met, were interested in my blogging future and they wanted to read more. It was a very thrilling feeling.

I still feel that way. I love the interaction with other bloggers so much. I care more about the comments than I do about numbers of readers, followers or statistics. There is a group of 20 people that I would call friends now, a special group of bloggers that I would love to meet in person.

Blogging is not confusing, not if you ignore what you need to ignore. Ignore the numbers; they will just drive you crazy and in the end, they won’t mean a thing, as you can see in my above example.

Bloggers appear and disappear on a daily base. Some hit FOLLOW because they like your blog, others just for “political” reasons, mainly because they expect an instant follow from you on their blog, and then they will forget about you.

Don’t fall in the number trap!

There is no rule how many words a post should have. One day, after I had just published a rather lengthy post, an older lady told me that my posts would be too long. It irritated me. Did she think all my readers and followers have the attention span of a fly? The same day someone praised me for my long and thorough post. Talk about the total confusion on my end.

So what should we do, believe all the blogging myths and get lost in translations, or rather enjoy what we are doing without thinking about the number-consequences?

It’s not about quality, it’s about quantity. There is no rule that you have to post every day, or a few times a day. That’s another myth in the number game. If you feel like it then do it, if you don’t, then write when you feel like it.

Blogging should be fun, don’t let it become a task, don’t let it become a routine. People can read between the lines and what we feel shows. A blog is our voice, some of us will be heard by millions, others just by a handful of people. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many you reach, but how many you have inspired.

So, to the young blogger, who thinks about quitting. Write, write your posts the way you want to. Write from the heart, write with laughter and write with tears. Don’t follow any rules than your own. It’s your blog, vice or virtue…your call!


blogging 3



80 thoughts on “868 people don’t like my​ post

  1. Ha ha, thanks for the math! Just this week I came across a blog with 3 posts, including the famous ‘Hello World’ and each entry had at least 300 likes and around 150 comments. The longer I blog, the less I understand the game. Maybe it’s best to not pay too much attention the numbers


  2. All I can say is a goodly amount of people commented on your blog this time. A goodly amount! I admit I still fall into that trap of numbers. I will work on a photo for hours, not including going out and getting the shot, and I come to the conclusion that it’s a real beauty, then get slammed by only one or two comments. It’s very discouraging. Then I’ll post something I’m not too crazy about and my numbers bounce back. There’s no way to figure it out, so I don’t. I now tend to post images that I like. Then again, I’m one of the worst commenters I know!

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  3. I have been blogging less than a year and can also get very discouraged by the numbers. I get a lot of traffic to my site daily but the likes and comments are low…it is disheartening. But I continue on because I like it…you offer good advice..carry on! 🙂

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  4. Loved this post! I try not to focus on the numbers either with my blog. I write because I need to write. I really treasure the relationships built in the comment section the most as well. As for not reading posts in the reader, goodness! I simply don’t have the time to read every single post of every single blog I follow and I wouldn’t expect others to either when it comes to my posts. There are some that seem to follow every post I write but I look at it much as you do…I write for myself as well. I am putting it out there in the universe and the comments I am getting are good and kind. To me, that is a win/win. Writing for myself and getting great feedback from others. Sometimes I will simply leave a like on a post as a way of saying “Hey, I was here and read what you wrote and I liked it!”. Thanks for writing and persevering no matter what the numbers say. 😀 Besides, the posts are up here for all to see whenever they run across them…months after the fact (like I am doing now with your post). I like to think of it as a great library that is waiting for me to read it when I can get to it in this busy world we live in. 🙂

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  5. I love your post and feel the same way about the number of likes vs followers, etc. But I thought, what makes someone decide to follow a particular blog? I know that for me, something about certain posts makes me want to read more, and reading more, I find I like what the blogger writes in general, so I hit “follow.” I consider it an honor when someone follows me! But don’t change what you write to get more Likes. The blogs I follow are authentic in some way – the work (writing, photos, etc.) is their own and it’s original. It’s true people don’t have the attention span to read long posts. A tip I have for that is break up the post by inserting photos. They can be yours or downloaded (but give credit to the web site you download it from). I learned this in a class on writing online. People read books, yet can’t sit at a computer to read a long post. I think our mindset changes when we read online – the patience we have for books somehow disappears. Perhaps it’s because there’s always so much to read online, or I need to clean out my email, etc.

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  6. I love this post! In an age of instant gratification and a focus on numbers it can be easy to forget why we blog in the first place. Like you, I appreciate the interaction and exchange among fellow bloggers. Though there isn’t enough time in a day to visit all of the blogs I would like to, it’s a wonderful feeling to find resources (I learn something new every time I’m out here) or being a resource to others. Relationships, remembering your “why” and doing you are, at least in my opinion, three critical elements to blogging. It drives me nuts when someone asks me to follow them and they don’t even have an “About” page, not to mention making a request to strangers without giving them a reason to follow. Have a great weekend!! 😃

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  7. Love the idea you actually worked out how many people don’t like your posts – very funny. Easy to get stuck on numbers, equating them to your own worth as a blogger – I do it myself. Though having too many followers would be a nightmare too as I’d feel guilty about not having time to reply to comments. Love the post 🙂

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  8. I don’t actually know how many followers I have (not large numbers anyway). I find it challenging enough to keep an eye out for the posts of the people I want to follow, so although I take a look at the blogs of new follows (unless I can see immediately that they are not my cup of tea) I rarely reciprocate any more, I simply can’t keep up and I am happy with my group of international friends.

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    • I feel the same way. I like my international friends I can talk to, like you. I love the interaction with others. How nice it is to have a few blogging friend in the UK, I worked their twice an have so fond memories.

      I don’t look for more followers either. Once in a while a new one stands out.


  9. I’ve never played a numbers game. I am who I am and I’d love everybody to like me. But if they all do then I can’t keep up and my Inbox goes mental. Where’s the use in that? Most days I absolutely love this blogging life. Now and then I don’t. 🙂

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  10. I have given up on the stats- I always wonder why if I have close to 800 followers why is it always the same commenters and same average # of likes. I stopped worrying about it and am glad for the connections I have made with a handful of bloggers (like yourself) that I have gottblunt card cartoon- that would be me!! 🙂

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  11. Great advice. I don’t look at stats at all. I have a lot of followers and I follow a lot of blogs. There is no way I can read every post. I don’t even SEE every post. It would be impossible. I just do the best I can and try to keep it fun. People come and go, and as you said, there are a few connections that fall into the perfect fit category. It’s all good.

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  12. I came to the blogging world to write about things I knew about. I write a blog about long distance running (since I like to, you know, run long distances) and a blog about autism (since I have 2 kids on the autism spectrum). I think I limited my following by focusing on such particular topics. I get about 10 views on each for each post I write. And, to be honest, I kind of like my stuff. There are times that I write a piece and I feel like Anthony Michael Hall at the end of the Breakfast Club – when he is proud about his letter he wrote to the principal. I smile and pat myself on the back. I wish more people enjoyed my posts like I did, too. But, I enjoy reading your stuff – sometimes I would like to just write a piece, but I didn’t create the right forum, I guess. Anyway, keep writing! I am reading. I enjoy your posts!

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    • I was a very one-sided blog for about 1 year. I talked about quitting smoking all the time, still do occasionally.

      I am very private person, don’t participate at any social media sites, don’t do twitter but somehow during the first year of blogging I opened up a little. I am not just an ex-smoker, I am a goofball, I am serious and I am a fighter. I am fluent in sarcasm and irony and it all just went from there.

      But at the end of the day, when I write a post I pat myself on the back when I like the post, the comments and even the likes are just the icing on the cake. The fact that I can writer (in English) is the real joy.

      Keep on doing what you are doing, write about what’s dear to your heart…that’s all that matters.


  13. The first half of this post made me go cross eyed with the number game. It’s only because I’ve got the brain of a tad pole lol. Now, when it comes to blogging I do it for my own reasons. It’s a creative outlet for me, however I did get a bit obsessed with views etc. The end of the day write what YOU want, be yourself! I am fluent in sarcasm, don’t put yourself in blogging hell! I enjoyed this post because it highlighted alot of things in my blogging adventure! Keep it up and be yourself!

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  14. It boggles my mind that you figured out all those stats numbers! I’m pretty clueless when it comes to any numbers, and only look maybe once a day to see how many views that day brought. If I put a like on something I’ve read, that means I have read the whole thing, plus all the comments that post got. I don’t get why anyone would push like on a bunch of posts, all in a quick row, and not have even read them. That bugs me, and I say to myself, you didn’t even read it!

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    • I mentioned the numbers, just to show how ridiculous the comparison between followers and readers really is.

      I am afraid there are indeed some bloggers who don’t read posts all the way through -or maybe not at all. Sometimes you can tell my the comments and it makes me sad too.


  15. I hear ya. How many IS enough? And why is it so few seem to engage with each and every post? Although, I’m just as guilty of this. I have so many people on my reading list now that I barely have enough time to read them all, let alone comment. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Just crazy. 😛

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  16. Bridget, I count you as one of the handful of people I call ‘friend’ that I would love to meet one day.
    It makes me sad that connections are made and then bloggers simply fade away – people that I had come to think of as good friends.
    I don’t pay attention to the stats … it’s not why I blog … and the *following* number is less than meaningless.
    But I celebrate each and every *like* and comment 😀


  17. I’ve always written ‘for me’ and I remain shocked that anyone else even cares to read it, let alone comment time to time. I’ve never paid much attention to the numbers, but saw on a recent zip through the stats page that I have 140 followers. My goodness!! And I’ve had people approach me too and ask about blogging and it was for gain. I tell them that my blog isn’t that kind of blog, I don’t do it professionally but because I enjoy it and I enjoy writing a lot. I agree…blogging should be fun, not a task! If it IS a ‘job’, why not get paid? Not that I’d have any idea where to start either. And I suspect you did the title “868 Don’t Like My Posts” as tongue-in-cheek, because you obviously aren’t doing it ‘for the numbers’ either. For me? I enjoy what you write very much!

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    • The last sentence of your comment is the actual reward and the reason why I continue to blog.

      Yes, the title was a sarcastic statement, a tongue-in-cheek, because I just don’t get the hype about the numbers.

      I do love my followers, the ones I got to know and the new ones who just start to interact with me. To me it doesn’t matter if 5 people or 50 interact with me, or read my rants and ramblings. I have so much fun writing either way.

      The day I will start to care about the numbers of followers, or the amount of likes will be the day when I quit blogging.


  18. Likes vs visits vs. views. vs. comments. IMO It’s so much more rewarding when someone reads your post and comments on it, not just “nice.” or something equally vague, but something personal. When I see someone “liking” five posts in one minute, chances are they didn’t read them. When I come across a post with lots of comments, or even few comments, I read them. If they responded well, I check out their blog. After all they had something to say beyond the ‘like’ button.

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    • I wish we would have a “love” button and a neutral button as well. Not liking a post doesn’t automatically mean I disliked it, it sometimes must means it wasn’t my cup of tea -what would be my fault I suppose.

      BTW. I say “Nice” or “nicely done” when I am mentally bored, just don’t tell anybody.


  19. Absolutely spot on! Numbers of likes can be a good way of judging our content, but they need to be seen in context, as you say. My own figures are that I have 255 actual followers of my blog, as distinct from my 1500+ Twitter followers. I’ve been doing this nearly 4 years, and last week got the WordPress badge for a total of 1000 likes on my – so far – 190 posts. The most I’ve ever had was last month, when a post received 27 likes, and I count 20 page views as being a very good day. But I write because I want to, and I value the interest and views of anyone who chooses to read what I write and even to pass a comment or two along the way. Like you, I view some fellow bloggers as friends, and look forward both to their own posts and to what they say about mine. As long as I enjoy my writing I’ll keep doing it. Writing by its very nature is a creative, qualitative act, and we shouldn’t be using quantitative measures to judge it. Having said that, bigger numbers are always nice to have 🙂


  20. Hmm, is this in response to my post last week, “8”? No, I’m not really that paranoid, but I did chuckle to/at myself at one point while reading this (or the last half) 😉 I do post the posts I want to post, but I also spend too much time with the numbers. Oh well, that’s just because I’m a stats nerd….

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    • I am not sure if I read your post last week, I had bed-rest for my thumb for a few days…didn’t read or write.

      No, Trent, it’s not about you. It’s about a conversation I had with another blogger who thought about quitting. She is good writer and it made me sad.

      I didn’t know you were a stats nerd…:-)

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  21. Well, I guess blogging can be a different thing, to different people, as for what their motivation for writing is, and there can be so many reasons why someone writes.I even heard of people who don’t even care if they are even read, but believe most we write because we want to express an idea , or tell a tale it’s worth to be read at least by those people who are lucky to find us, or the other way around, we are lucky to be found by them, and that they took a moment of their busy life to pay attention to what we like to say.

    If you have too many followers it’s more like a lottery that someone will open their reader’s page and there you article appeared, and called someone attention, and took the time to read it, like it just happened to me finding your post.

    We also have a few people who look regularly for our posts, because you have made them your readers, and they are interested in what you have to say.

    Bottom line we are overloaded with information, and if someone took the time to read you, count it as a blessing! 🙂

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    • Too many followers…goodness is there such a thing? 🙂 I was one of the people who started out not caring if my blog would be read. I don’t participate on any social media side, don’t do twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

      I started blogging when I gave up smoking. Writing and blogging was my daily therapy session…if that makes any sense.

      Then, after I was “smoked out” I started writing about everything and anything and had a ball. Still do. Some days I have too much to do and can’t find the time to blog, on others I can’t shut up. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my little rant. (See I can be polite).

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      • Well, now days people follow you not necessarily because they want to read you, but because they know if you follow them back they will appear in your Reader’s page, and therefore they will have a better chance of being read by you, that of course if you care to open your reader page, in order to read what your followers are saying, I figure some people don’t even bother to do that, and have a different way to look for what they want to read.

        There is people so self centered do not care to read anybody else but themselves, or bother to correspond giving you a like as acknowledgment.

        So having a lot of followers means little now days.Through the few years of blogging I have noticed a tendency for many bloggers to threat their blog as a twitter account posting random stuff every time something comes to their head, some I had to unfollow due to the fact I had to scroll down, and I mean way down my reader’s page, in order to find a post that didn’t belong to them!

        Well, maybe I should make a post about my experiences with other bloggers!

        Thanks! 🙂

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        • I start to read every post in my reader…but I don’t always read everything to the end, especially the ones who post multiple posts a day.

          I enjoy reading as much as writing.

          However, I don’t believe in “I scratch your back if you scratch mine” politics. I don’t automatically just follow a blog because they start to follow me.

          Once a month I sit down with a gigantic glass of wine and search tags that I like and find new material and new blogs I like. Gosh, I suppose I am weird.


    • When someone posts a personal response like this, I tend to check their blog out. It is like a lottery in a way, sometimes you win and find a gem and sometimes its just someone blogging for the sake of numbers. 😉

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  22. I think it is all about the relationships you make and cultivate. Yes, I still get excited when I see my numbers go up slightly because it means I am connecting with someone new. But, I take it with a grain of salt knowing numbers go up and down. Having been doing this 4 years I see very specific trends in my blog each year. For me highest numbers from September through January and lowest numbers May through August every year. I hope your friend keeps on going as long as she is enjoying it. It gets more fun the more you reach out to others and create a little network.

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    • Amen. I felt so bad when the young blogger wanted to quit just because she felt she didn’t reach enough people. What a shame. I hope she reads my post and I hope she reads it all the way through.
      Blogging should be fun, not a task!

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      • True. And, for me at least, it’s for me, not for anyone else, not to get likes, and not about money, though I’m not even sure how one makes money doing this. If they’re doing it for stats, they are doing it for the wrong reasons, I think. But that opinion and $5 will get ya a terrible cup of coffee at Starbucks. 😃

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