A special Man -Friday Fictioneers

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An old sewing machine, a daily reminder of a great man who had a special talent.

She had never met him; he died the year she was born, but he lived on in stories and memories people shared with her.

She wondered about him, would he have liked her? Would he have taught her all the things he knew?

“He gave his gift to you,” they say, and she questioned if it was true.  Is there such a thing than an inherited talent?

Perhaps there is, she too loved to sew.

Thank you Grandpa” she whispered and opened her shop.

(Word count: 100)

This is my entry to this weeks 100-word challenge. The Friday Fictioneers is held by Rochelle-Wisoff Fields. Click >>>here<<< and join the fun but I must warn you, it’s addictive.

I particularly loved this weeks photo prompt. Thank you!


25 thoughts on “A special Man -Friday Fictioneers

  1. What a lovely story. Grandpa would have liked her. And if you look at the Mozarts, the Manns, the Chaplins, and other artist families, you see that at least some talents are indeed inherited. Making clothes or working with thread and fabric may well be one of them.

  2. Dear Bridget,

    I believe certain talents are passed from generation to generation. I see it from my mother to me and to my children. Lovely story.



    PS There’s no ‘h’ in Wisoff. 😉

      • I didn’t know there was a German spelling from it. In actuality Wisoff was shortened from the name on the family passport ‘Wissosky’ Originally our name was Bader. So anyone with the spelling Wisoff is related to me. I’ve found some fascinating relatives thanks to the internet. 😉

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