Memories of a 9/11 Responder – Ground Zero Remembered

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twin-towers-on-fire-copyToday is the 15th Anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. I served at Ground Zero with The Salvation Army for several weeks in the immediate aftermath, arriving in New York City on September 14th.  (I wrote a detailed memoire recounting my experience, the link to this is  In the Ashes of My Brothers.)

Every anniversary has been poignant for me. This year more so for several reasons.  A year ago, I was diagnosed with an illness that may be related to my time serving there and I went to a New York Hospital to complete my diagnosis this past January. I took that opportunity to finally return to tour the Memorial site and go to the Museum.

deris-south-tower-girders-copyMy husband, Doug, also went with our team, and even at that time both of us believed it could carry long-term consequences. The pervasive heavy grey dust we walked…

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