2016 Presidential Election -Gender Issue



I have been through a turmoil of emotions in this election. I was stunned, flabbergasted, disgusted, sad; there were days when I felt discouraged and hopeless. 

Just a few more weeks and we will cast our vote, and the prospect of a notorious liar moving into the White House is looking more realistic than ever. America, including the American media, has allowed itself to be hypnotized over the past 18 months by a con artist. Donald Trump is the puppetmaster, and many of us don’t mind being his puppet.

Two big family names are in the ring, fighting against each other, but that’s not all. There is also the gender issue -and it’s a big one. I can see it because I am a woman and like so many of us, I experienced the same bias in my career. Not much has changed since the 80’s were when I started my career. You would think we have moved on but that’s  not true. The same double standard is still existing.

There is Mrs. Clinton, who has to apologize for every slip-up, no matter how minor, and any mistake she makes just refuse to go away.

Trump, meanwhile, lies and stirs up hatred, and it doesn’t harm him in the least. It even helps him which, of course, he understands, and he continues to operate free of any scruples.

The man, Donald Trump, uses course language and exhibits loutish behavior, he even talks about the size of his penis on TV and so many here find it funny. “He says what he thinks,” they say, and I find it scarier than anything. “This is what he thinks…really, that’s all?”

Hillary Clinton, the woman, is questioned about every step she takes. The man can look however he pleases. The woman’s hairstyle, pantsuits, and weight are always scrutinized and commented on. Imagine, purely theoretically, that the behavior were reversed in these two candidates and that Trump would be as particular as Clinton and Clinton as vulgar as Trump, then it becomes immediately apparent that Trump can only get away with acting as he likes because he is a white American man running against a woman.

Hillary Clinton is judged differently – without mercy. The bar is higher for her than it is for Donald Trump, simply because she’s a woman. Women in politics are expected to be both good leaders and good women, in the centuries-old, maternal sense. In other words, it’s a contradiction and an impossibility. How does a person come across as assertive and at the same time sweet and warm-hearted? A man can be cold and hard – that comes across as masculine. Clinton would be criticized for not smiling in a debate about terror and war.

Trump, the notorious liar, has branded Clinton, a serious politician, as a liar and there isn’t much she can do to defend herself or escape the absurdity of the situation because she does, in fact, have a weak flank. I would have attacked him -head on- right from the start, but I am not as nice as Mrs. Clinton. I would have given him a name that would have dismantled his position as well. “Pinocchio” or “Little Donald” should have done the trick. Mrs. Clinton, go in the next debate and gesture a growing nose when he speaks, it would be good for a laugh that we all need so badly.


Matt Lauer hosted the first debate, and he openly showed us how biased a journalist can be.

This is hardly fair, nor is it justified. Clinton is far more transparent than her opponent. She has released her tax returns whereas he has this far refused to do so and I wonder why? Would it show his business relations with some questionable countries? Would we see that he doesn’t have as much money as he makes us believe? Or maybe he just tries to hide the fact that he uses and abuses the system to avoid taxes? My guess is all of the above.

Mrs. Clinton has engaged in detailed discussions about the purpose and aims of the controversial Clinton Foundation, an organization that doesn’t have much to hide: It focuses on education, access to drinking water and other classic philanthropic pursuits. It has been demonstrated that 90 percent of the money donated to the foundation ends up being spent directly on the projects it supports and that the Clintons and the rest of the foundation board work on a volunteer basis.

Mr. Trump, by contrast, doesn’t talk about the Trump Foundation, which donates little and instead buys oil paintings depicting Donald Trump. He speaks even less about the Trump Organization, which funnels money around the world through a convoluted network of companies until it ultimately ends up in tax shelters. The potential for conflict of interest should he become president is evident.

The two actually shouldn’t be compared at all since they operate on entirely different planes. Clinton’s mistakes are orders of magnitude less significant than the lunacy that Trump serves up on a regular basis. And as a female candidate, her challenge is high enough already: After 43 male presidents, she would be the first woman in the White House.

It is also a question of culture. Trump is contemptuous of education, women, migration, diversity, the media and freedom of speech. He admires Russian President Vladimir Putin and wants to build walls. Clinton wants an America that is more tolerant and less obsessed with weapons. It is no surprise that all of America’s international partners hope that she wins.

I wouldn’t vote for Trump if I would be held at gunpoint.




43 thoughts on “2016 Presidential Election -Gender Issue

  1. The disparity is beyond palpable. If Hillary Clinton were a male politician, her biggest problem would be having so few scandals she made for boring television. Lost EMails? Questionable real estate deals? That’s like a low-key Tuesday for half the dudes on Capitol Hill.

    Then along comes Donald Trump who casually suggests using his future power as President to punish his political opponents/the media/whoever, cozies up to that low-rent Bond villain Putin, and has to be told THREE TIMES at a national security briefing why launching nukes is a bad idea.

    So yeah… anyone at this point scratching their heads and going “well I just don’t know which one is worse” is operating on a level of cognition I don’t think I’m capable of understanding. And that’s the most polite way I can say it, I think.

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    • Thank you, it’s good to see I am not the only one who is shaking her head in disbelieve.

      I am so disgusted by this election and so disappointed in our media. The could (should) have stopped Trump in his tracks right from the getgo..but they didn’t. Ratings were more important.

      I honestly believe Trump doesn’t show his taxes because it would show that he is in “bed” with some of our enemies. (business wise).


  2. I am a registered Democrat but, unlike most of my fellow Dems who have high praise for Obama and his accomplishments over the past eight years, I still harbor, deep down, more than a bit of anger since his sudden success in winning the nomination in 2008 delayed the similarly earned and well deserved victory of his primary opponent. I wasn’t sure that she should run again, but now I’m glad she did, finally breaking through that highest of glass ceilings, for her granddaughter, for my daughters, and for all of all American girls. Hillary is a baby boomer like me and, if you look at her political history you’ll see that, until her husband left the presidency, her accomplishments, which I think were bolder and bigger than his, were overshadowed by Bill’s popular persona and of course by his personal issues. Generally, I think that’s how it’s often been for us female baby boomers, who knew what we wanted to accomplish but weren’t sure we could tolerate the expected backlash from our male counterparts if we did.

    I caught glimpses of both party’s conventions, mostly, I thought, to hear what the candidates had to say. At the Democratic convention, I caught sight, and some of the words, of some of my heroines, like Gabby Giffords, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi. They are my heroines because I know a little bit about their backgrounds and some of their personal struggles as women who grew up in a spotlight around their families and were often motivated, if not forced, to navigate in a man’s world. I really wanted to hear what Bill would tell us about Hillary, and about their long and unique relationship. We all learned, if we didn’t know before, how doggedly he had to pursue her before she would even consider tying herself, her ambitions, dreams and energy, to him and Arkansas. I found that many of Bill’s signature achievements had really been driven by Hillary so, in the second half of his speech, I was even more impressed by the previously unknown to me and underpublicized to just about everyone else accomplishments of this comparatively quiet and low key but clearly strong and determined woman.

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    • I fell in love with Obama at the democratic convention in 2004 and supported him -all the way.

      As for Hillary, I am not thrilled that she is running, I was (and am) a Bernie Sanders supporter, but will of course vote for her.
      I do hope that she will go back to her roots.
      I do agree with everything you said about Bill Clinton and her being in his shadow all this time.
      Hillary Clinton is driven, she has a mission and I do hope that her dreams may come true.


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  4. What a fantastic post. Watching it from a distance I can’t understand how you guys got to the point you are now. Over and over I thought that you must realize what a joke Trump is. I actually thought all of it is a big joke. But oh boy… it’s not. He is running for Presidency and he is popular. I watched the debate because, guess what: The outcome of this election will have a huge impact on the world. I’m scared that the US will do the wrong thing. Trump is dangerous. Not just for your country but also for the rest of the world.
    Clinton did a great job yesterday and I agree, I admired how calm she stayed. Unfortunately I think that Trump spoke to the many people who unfortunately are not as educated and fear for their jobs. They won’t see the big picture, only their little puzzle piece and in this puzzle piece there is just this fear of losing the job that barely keeps them alive. They feed on what he tells them rather than opening their eyes up for the big picture, the many new jobs she might create. Yes, their job will most probably go, but they will have different opportunities. With Trump it will just end in disaster. Maybe they wont lose their job in the first place but life will not get better but worse…
    I so hope that the right people will vote. I think Clinton will do a good job in the White House and although my perfect solution would be another couple of years with Obama and his amazing First Lady, I believe the time is right for Hillary to take on the reins.

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  5. WELL! Finally! Someone who gave me something to hurl when some asshat tells me that Clinton is a bad choice because she’s a *GASP* LIAR!! I’ve seen the reality of Trump’s own campaign of lies but I have a hard time articulating it to these redder than red bozos in Utah and my family. My goodness!

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  6. I don’t disagree with your basic premise, as the same discrimination applies in politics here in the UK too. But I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the Clinton email issue, which you didn’t mention and which seems to be the largest piece of baggage that is attached to her. At best, it shows that she is capable of making a big mistake. The perception I’m being given is that, regardless of gender, the US is being asked to choose between two untrustworthy candidates, and that isn’t good! But only one of them has many years of governmental experience and is respected outside the US, and could be trusted to work for the good of the US population whilst not taking the world into oblivion. I know who I’m hoping will win!

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    • The private server was careless, but not a crime. She was then 63 years old and not a computer expert. I don’t believe she really understood the issue, neither did I to be honest.
      I am certain that many politicians used their iphones and smartphones to read and check work related emails, but they didn’t get caught.
      We have been hacked, the NSA is spying on us. I think she apologized enough.
      Hillary Clinton is a workhorse, she is always on duty -always has been. I believe that’s the idea behind the private email server to never leave work -even at home.

      I am NOT a clinton fan, by any means, but the heat she is taking for her mistakes is only possible because we do have a double standard.

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  7. I am an Indian so cannot make a direct comment on the situation unfurling these days.But you have very well written about the gender issue.This is what is true and sadly prevailing these days.But I am proud that Clinton is not being bogged down by it.I wish her victory in the upcoming elections.


    • Hillary Clinton has actually a great record. She fought hard for the middle class during the last 30 years. She fought hard for equal rights for women, she is a great ambassador for children’s right. She is a very private person and she hasn’t come out swinging as she should. Trump is a TV star with zero credibility. It’s almost unfair to name both in the same sentence.

      I would loved to see a different candidate as well, but it is what it is and it’s a big NO for Trump on this blog. 🙂


  8. I keep hoping to wake up and realize that the nightmare that is Trump was just a bad dream… I’ll vote my conscience come election day, and I hope ever eligible citizen does the same. The stakes are pretty damned high this time around.

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    • I am not thrilled about Hillary Clinton and her campaign, I am not fired up as I have been 2008, but I will vote for her, against Trump and against the media and their bias BS. I would never vote against my best interest. I am a woman, I am middle class, I am a first generation immigrant…I am with HER.

      We have been so manipulated in this election, it can’t get any worse.


  9. As a European I cannot make a comment, although I have my own thoughts. I find that the Americans have a very difficuilt job this time to make a right decision. The choice is not big and I am not happy about the way things are developing.

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    • It’s the same as it was in Great Britain. The old ones, they want the good ol’ times back, the young ones, they want to move on. Unfortunately not many young voters take their time to vote, they are busy studying or starting a career.

      Here it is a also a split in education.


      • I think the issue is that many people just simply won’t vote because they think it’s a lost case anyway or are not happy with either candidate. I believe though, that Clinton is less of an issue than Trump is and as there are only those two options just go and vote for Clinton. He will destroy your country. He will destroy so much more. He will take the world along on his sick ride… So yes, I comment. I feel involved too, even as not living in the States nor being a US citizen. It will be our all concern if he goes as nuts as he is capable of…

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