Calm Waters – Friday Fictioneers


Now it’s just a peaceful place for anybody, who likes to rest under the willow tree.

Only the older ones still remember the day, when the water arrived.

People had fought so hard, but in the end, they had lost the war against the element many years ago.

Nature had decided it was the right place for a pond and had buried everything underneath.

Today, nobody can see what stays hidden below and only time will tell, if the past will ever show itself to the present.

Perhaps one day it will all dry out.
Calm waters can be deceiving.

(Word Count: 100)

This is my post for this weeks 100-word photo challenge.

The Friday Fictioneers challenge is held by Rochelle-Wisoff Fields. Click >>>here<<< and join the fun, it’s a great challenge.

Make Every Word Count!


24 thoughts on “Calm Waters – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Nice piece, Bridgit. There’s a saying that ‘still waters run deep’. It plays in nicely to your ‘calm waters can be deceiving’. Indeed they can!!

    … and just to continue on your conversation with Diana, YES! You are a writer 🙂

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  2. Dear Bridget,

    Eventually the elements will win, won’t they? There are a few areas in Kansas City that repeatedly flood. Each time the city rebuilds. I wonder if they’ll ever surrender to the elements. Well done.



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