Who do I side with?


One of my helpers, a young woman in her early 30’s is not sure who to vote for in this Presidential election. “I don’t like either of them,” she stated, and I don’t blame her; I feel the same way.

“It’s not so much about whom we like best; it’s about what they stand for,” I answered, and she agreed with me.

“I don’t have the time to read up on it,” she said, and I know that to be true. She has two small children, a husband, a real job and a part time job with me. She doesn’t have the time to watch and read the news as much as I do, and many younger people feel the same way. I have been one of them once – I remember.

By now everybody knows about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.We are all aware that one wants to build a wall, while the other one wants to have open borders. One spreads hate and asks for more guns, while the other one asks for a stricter gun control. They are politicians; they lie -that comes with the territory, so it seems. Both have made mistakes and bad judgment calls, we have to read about it on a daily base.

There is more at stake than just immigration and gun control. There are less interesting subjects (sarcasm) like minimum wage, health care, climate change and GMO labeling. There are student loans, health care, tax laws and the price for life-savings prescription drugs. How about women’s rights, gay marriage, LBGT rights? What about abortion laws? Should a fetus have more rights than a woman?

I tried to make a list with different subjects, “Who stands for what,” but didn’t get very far. Reading up one each issue took forever.

A college student, who happens to be one of my inherited children, helped me out, he sent me the link to a political quiz, and I was amazed.

2016 Political Quiz – IsideWith

The test is very substantial and very informative – and it does include the 3rd party candidates as well. There is Jill Stein. Surprisingly enough I agree with her environmental ideas to 97% (talk about a high approval rating) and there is Gary Johnson (who got a whopping 30%).

I favor Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party to 92% on the big issues like immigration, foreign politics and health care and Donald Trump and the GOP got a lousy 13% from me.(WHAT?)

I am a liberal nutcase according to the test -who would have thought. 🙂

I almost forgot what I stand for. I got sidetracked by the endless mentioning of email scandals and name-calling. I got blinded by my dislike for a woman, who has done more good for this country than a lot of people. In the end, it’s about my wishes, my needs, my hopes and my dreams. My vote is my voice!

The test says I could consider voting for a 3rd party candidate, but I won’t.

I do believe that a third party can make a difference in The House and the Senate, but to come running out of the woodwork every four years with a presidential candidate is futile at best, and counterproductive at worst.

If the third party believes they have something to offer, they need to get involved in local, legislative, and congressional races. As it currently stands any action other than a vote for Hillary Clinton presents a real threat to the future of this nation. The facts are obvious.

I know who I side with. Do you?








11 thoughts on “Who do I side with?

  1. I didn’t take the test but I had no trouble making a decision. Hillary is experienced, competent and disciplined. Trump is none of these things. Our allies overseas are appalled at the idea of a president Trump.

    I supported Bernie Sanders, but have no hard feelings. My vote goes to Hillary Clinton. (What will we call Bill? First Gentleman?? Really??)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe just Mr. Clinton? I am fine with first Gentleman. Why not. He will be the first of many to come (so I hope).

      It seems that many of my blogging friends are Sanders supporters. Does that mean my blog doesn’t attract GOP fanatics? (Laughing here)


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