Show me Your Money~!


“How much money do you make?” or “How much money do you have?” are common questions on a Visa application, no matter where you go.

Imagine we could write, “I would like to stay in your country indefinitely, and I have 1 Million Dollars that I intend to spend.”

Guess what?

Correct. “There is your Visa, come and stay as long as you want, there are no borders for rich people.”

They are welcome anywhere in this world. They come and go as they please.


Borders and border controls are for the poor.

“What? You have nothing?”

Guess what?

Correct. “You are not welcome here!”

Visa denied. Bye bye.


Imagine if all the refugees would be Millionaires. The whole world would fight for them; we would bribe them to come to live with us and would welcome them with open arms.

Money rules. Money opens doors.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if there wouldn’t be any man-made borders if we all would be allowed to go wherever we want to.

Many say the population wouldn’t shift by much, and I tend to believe that. It takes a lot of guts to leave everything behind if you are not forced to flee your home country.

I did that 30+ years ago. I left everything behind that had been familiar, and started a new life here in the U.S. with my husband.

I had it fairly easy. I was married to an American, I knew I wasn’t alone. I had my husband and his family by my side, but still, the transition was not as easy as many think it was. It does take some nerve to start all over new and while it is an adventure, it also bears some dangers.

There are language barriers; there is a homesickness that comes and goes as it pleases. New traditions, a different culture, unknown rituals and traditions and really strange food. Not everybody welcomes foreigners; one has to learn to deal with hate -this is the hardest lesson to learn.

This planet gave us some natural borders, oceans in between continents. Mountains and rivers that humans and animals had to conquer but it wasn’t enough. We needed more, and we will continue to build more.

The world without borders; either a very optimistic viewpoint or mission impossible.

                     “The only way to stop this evil, is for us to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land, as it was at first and should be now. For it was never divided,but belongs to all.”

Tecumseh, Shawnee



25 thoughts on “Show me Your Money~!

  1. They say it is the root of all evil. It is hard to understand how we could reel back to a money-free world so I put this to you … the issue may not be money per se but rather it is greed. Now that, surely we can work on. Educate the children, ask them to walk in the shoes of their penniless, destitute peers. It’s a start. Being impatient, i would like to think we could magically eradicate greed. of course we can’t but we can at least try to tone it down and encourage people to lobby governments to welcome those who have nothing to come and partake of what we have in abundance.


    • I don’t think we need a money free world, I believe we need to rethink our values instead. It’s about equality, the poor man’s worth should not be less that the one of a rich man.
      We, as a society, need to stop dancing around the golden cow and should recall the values so many of us were raised with.

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  2. I grew up in church singing, Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. Red and yellow black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world. As an adult I prefer to see us, world citizens as family. I wish everyone else felt the same way. Thanks for a great blog!

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        • Yep, you are right. Calendar says “Thanksgiving Day Canada.” “Columbus Day USA”. I forgot -again.

          Is it like here? Same traditions? Turkey and more turkey?
          Will there be a post about the Canadian Thanksgiving in the near future (hint)?


          • Same traditions … well, except for the Black Friday thing. Our Thanksgiving is about the food, not the shopping 🙂

            This year, however, I am not cooking a turkey. Technically I’m not even supposed to be here so I used the opportunity to change the menu. She who cooks, selects the menu 😉

            I’m not sure I could write an interesting Thanksgiving post. I’ll have to give it some thought … if I’m lucky, maybe something fun will happen this weekend 🙂

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