Careful! The Rats are leaving!


“Rats are leaving the sinking ship.” I always wondered about this saying. Does that make the rats smart, because they can sense that the ship is sinking, or does it make them hypocrites because they are leaving?

Either way, they are still rats, aren’t they?

Many Republicans have withdrawn their support for Donald Trump over the last two days, and I don’t want to be too mean, but it makes me laugh.

What a lovely bunch of hypocrites they are.

So, there is the Donald, who 11 years ago was dumb enough (Surprise!) to brag about being a womanizer, while he was being recorded. Trump used foul langue that suits him just fine. I never thought of him as a master of words; I never thought about him being a master of anything.

What a bombshell this video was! (Really?) Everybody talks about his language and his behavior in this video and overlooks the real message behind it.

“If you are a star you can do anything,” he said back then, and we can hear his laughter because he knows it is the truth.

“I could shoot someone at 5th Avenue and wouldn’t lose a vote,” was a statement he made 11 years later in this election. Nothing has changed – it’s the same message. I am a star; I get away with anything. I can do whatever I want to; I am above all.

What surprises me now me is the reaction in the Republican Party. Some of them seem to be outraged, and they openly asked Trump to step down. Don’t they know he is a star? Don’t they know that they created him? Stars don’t step down, they implode and leave behind a black  hole (wishful thinking).

They weren’t bothered when he called most Mexicans criminals and rapists. They weren’t upset when he openly offended women or Goldstar families in the past, neither did they react when he mocked a disabled journalist. Nothing has bothered the Republican party until the old sexist video had been published a couple of days ago.

Now they are drifting away from Trump and in this case, it’s not hard to see why they are leaving with great haste. The don’t want to go down with him. This is politics, they only have their own well-being in mind.

Sorry guys, too late. Leave the ship or sink.  In the end, it won’t matter, once a rat – always a rat. People will remember (I hope).

The second Presidential mudslinging is tonight, and I wonder what it will bring.

Will Trump bring up Bill Clinton’s 20-year old marital affair? Will he be dumb enough to go down this rabbit hole or will he be once (just once) be presidential? Maybe he will use his acting ability and sell us remorse?

Reality TV – Presidential Debate – Mudslinging.

Which one will it be?

Only 4 more weeks and then this sad election circus will be over. We can do this. Hang in there guys, it’s almost over!





11 thoughts on “Careful! The Rats are leaving!

  1. I can’t wait until it’s over too. It is remarkable that the Republicans have been able to blind themselves to his racist misogynistic fascist bullying until now. If anyone really believes that this was one-time locker room banter, they’re delusional. Interesting that some Republicans aren’t endorsing him but still plan to vote for him – that’s bizarre. They would rather the whole world go up in smoke than vote for a Democrat. Hillary is going to be sabotaged with the same fervor they went after Obama. Yeesh.

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    • It is so disturbing on so many levels. It’s exactly as you said, they rather vote against their own best interest because they are so full of hate.

      I think this nation is sick at the core and I hope we can heal it before it will spread further and further.

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  2. I refuse to watch this hypocrite mudslinging. As a U.S. Veteran what are they going to do to help Veterans like me in terms of housing and medical issues. And what about my brother Stephen who has Autism. When are the Federal Family Leave Laws going to change so that I don’t have to beg and grovel with my employer just to get time off to see my brother. Last but not least when is the government going to fix the transportation systems. The subway and bus lines are a disaster and if you are in a wheelchair forget about getting anywhere. Access A Ride is a Royal mess. Our bridges, tunnels, and streets need repair. In many ways I’m glad that I have not owned a TV in years.

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    • A lot of things that you mention are actually democratic goals (family leave, veterans care, child care in general), but have been blocked by the republican party over the last 8 years. I remember the “job Bill” when a young President Obama wanted to invest money in this countries infrastructure to create more jobs and the GOP didn’t even clap. That too was denied, even though we need it so desperately.
      This election is about moving backwards or forward. It’s about equal rights and racism. Do I like who I will vote for. NOPE. Do I like what she stands for. Yes, I do!

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