Donald Trump – The Voice Women don’t Need


The New York Times, or how I like to call them, “The New York Trump,” had a headline today and it angered me.

Right there on the front page it said:

How Trump Gave Women a New Voice

After Donald Trump – Will More Women believe their own Stories?

With all due respect, this headline is a disgrace; Trump hasn’t given us women a voice, neither will he speak for us in the future. We, the women,  got up and spoke up, years before The Donald decided to play with politics.

I am a woman. I started my career in the late 70’s and was -like so many of us- confronted with sexual harassment right from the outset.

Nobody talked about it back then, there was no HR department, we had to deal with it one way or the other. Sometimes it went well, other times not so much.

I remember my first student job. I worked in a pub close to my home. It was a beautiful place, the guest were regulars, they all knew each other, the atmosphere was pleasant. Most of the guest were much older, many of them were men, who came in for one or two beers right after work on their way home.

I was very young, in my early 20’s, and I felt very comfortable there behind the bar, liked the conversations and loved the tip.

Everything went well, until one evening, when an older gentleman -one of the regulars- decided to test the water. He slapped me on my behind when I walked by like he had a right to do so. I was on my way back to the bar; my hands were empty, and I turned around and slapped him in the face.

I was shocked by my action and also pleasantly surprised. I had never hit anybody before, didn’t think I had it in me. It all happened in a split second -action and reaction.

The gentleman was outraged. He was outraged not about the fact that he had overstepped the boundaries, he wasn’t offended or disgusted by his behavior, no, he was furious with me.

I stood there behind the bar and listened to him and his coworkers. He asked for the manager, and I had a bad feeling that this would not end very well for me. Sure enough, the manager came and tried to calm the guest down. He ordered me to his office, and there he explained to me that I had to apologize to the guest, or I would lose my job.

It was just a part-time job, but still, this all didn’t feel right. I remember wondering about the situation. I knew that I shouldn’t have slapped the man in the fact, but then he shouldn’t have touched me either. I was just doing my job; that didn’t make me a public property.

I insisted on speaking to the owner, that at least gave me a little bit more time to deal with all of it. I wasn’t sure what to do. Standing up for myself would mean I would lose my job, apologizing would mean I would lose myself.

My boss came by shortly afterward and listened to all of it. He was an older gentleman, and I  knew he liked me BUT he was also a businessman.

It didn’t look good for me.

He too insisted that I would have to apologize and I grabbed my tip and my purse. I knew I had lost. Another guest -also a regular- got up, “So, this is how you all want men to treat your wives when you are not around? For you, it’s alright that we all slap women on their behind if they are alone?”

All of a sudden there was a loud discussion in the bar. I was not longer the center of attention; they talked about their wives and daughters and forgot about me.

My boss asked me back behind the bar, and I continued to work there for the rest of the night. I didn’t apologize, neither did the gentlemen who started it all.

I continued to work there for another year. Nobody talked about it again, and nobody ever tried anything like it again. I suppose I had a bad reputation.

Many women, just like me, have gotten up over the last 40 years, and we shed light on spousal abuse, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and marital rape. All of it is now out in the open because of us, the women who spoke up, not because of any man and for sure not because of someone like Donald Trump.

I believe all women who have spoken up recently and I understand why they have been quiet for so long. It’s time we stop victim shaming and start shaming men like Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. They should be held accountable by law.

I believe Donald Trump fears Hillary Clinton like the devil fears the holy water. He must be totally puzzled by her strength.

For me, it’s very ironic that just when a woman is ready to win the presidency, the entire conversation still revolves around the alpha male opponent.

A strong woman still threatens many men, especially weak ones like Donald Trump. This may explain some of the most outrageous slurs and the hatred against Hillary Clinton. When you get down to it, anger is just another word for fear.

Donald Trump must fear women like Hillary Clinton, and now he should fear all of us women.

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26 thoughts on “Donald Trump – The Voice Women don’t Need

  1. Trump didn’t give women a voice, but the outrage that he caused women to feel has inspired women to come forward and tell their stories. Your story is an inspiration – it took courage to stand your ground and I’m glad you didn’t humiliate yourself by apologizing to that jerk.

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  2. Excellent piece. Thank you for your youthful courage, which was much greater than mine, and for telling us about it… Actually you have reminded me that I have twice slapped men – but for insulting, not molesting, women. Our own idiot, Nigel Farage, got all worked up saying that it just shows that Trump is a silver-back male gorilla (so that’s OK, apparently). What no one has explained is why it would be a good idea to vote a gorilla into the presidency of the US!

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  3. Wow what a story. Women in every society have been bullyed and sone still are. I am in the uk. It is a total worry about Trump and people actually like him even though his history is terrible. I watched the debate ..and he is nothing compared to clinton. He is a bully who likes to chuck his weight around. It is very scary he could be president .

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      • I think it’s because people are pissed at the system. They might not really be voting for him so much as voting to bring down the system. Even after his appalling tape where he brags about sexual assault, I’ve read articles from Liberals who are going to vote for Hillary but hate having to do it.

        I really feel for Americans. The electoral process is so broken it’s not funny.

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        • I am not crazy about Clinton either, hoped for Bernie Sanders. I am an independent voter (and thinker) and would never EVER vote against my own best interest.

          They look at Trump and think he will make them all rich. They don’t see that they are being used.

          (Godless Cranium…how did you ever come up with that. It makes me smile each and every time).

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          • Bernie was ripped off by Hillary and the DNC. He would beat Trump easily.

            I’m not sure. When I started my blog, I wanted a name that let people know I was an atheist but I didn’t want it to be super controversial because I wanted religious people to feel like they could come and be welcomed at my blog.

            So I sat around for a few hours and just thought about it and Godless Cranium was born. Lol.

            Not sure. I think WP unsubscribes ppl by accident sometimes. Glad you’re back with me. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

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          • Yes, Bernie was ripped off when the so called Superdelegates voted for Clinton before they even heard him.
            Republicans win when there is a low turnout at the polls, Democrates win when many show up to vote.
            Hillary Clinton doesn’t fire the young generation up the way Bernie did. I hope it’s not going to be a big problem.
            I am agnostic 🙂

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          • This is so interesting. It is compulsory for Australians to vote so I have wondered what would happen if voting wasn’t compulsory.
            We had our first female Prime Minister a few years ago and I was horrified at the daily vilification of her by the press and politicians from both sides of the political fence during her yetm in office. Can you imagine a male, then opposition leader cheering on protesters chanting, “Ditch the Witch” about her as Prime Minister? …. and people went on to vote him in to power!!. She endured terrible abuse and was herself destabilized and finally toppled by the man she overthrew as a vindictive act. Such misogyny in a profession of leaders was disgusting yet the public seemed to think it was okay. I really feel for Hilary Clinton and what she has and will face and endure but know that she is a driven and strong woman. I hope her strength and that of our former PM Julia Gillard’s legacy will make it easier for females in politics and indeed in all walks of life in the future.

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          • Honestly I never followed Australians politics until I met some bloggers who talked about it. Then I started to read up on it and wow….yes, there were lot of similarities.

            We have a few more weeks to go until we will know how much damage this all will have done.

            thank you so much for your comments.

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  4. Yesterday, I wentvon my favorite new channel for information about the Pacific coast storms and got shock when I saw the national political news. It has been a long time since I care about the news. I feel all the abusive I have seen in my life. I am sure this will be another day I will remember like Pearl Harbor. Although woman have come a long way since I was a child, there is still a long way to go before true sexual equality. Man fear woman’s strength. Trump’s attitude remains of the time when felt any woman was theirs for asking. United against sexual problems.

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  5. Great post, Bridget. Trump deserves credit for only one thing – being a sexual predator. I continue to be shocked by the number of people, men and women, who feel that sexual molestation is no big deal and continue to support a criminal for President of the US. Argh! Thanks for speaking up, years ago and now ❤

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