To Print or not to Print?


“Do you know where we have to go to vote tomorrow?” the young woman asked me.

They just moved here, and she is still learning her way around. I hired her as a part-time helper in my workshop, and I try to answer all her questions as good as I can.

“Sure I do, let me print it out for you,” I said and marched toward my desk.

The internet is just so convenient; one or two mouse clicks and my screen showed us our voting location -even with directions to it.

“Can you print it out for me?”

“Sure thing,” I replied and then I hesitated.

“Are you going to vote for Trump?” I asked and she laughed out loud.

“No, I won’t…this guy scares me,” she managed to say.

“Good, then I will print the map.”

(True story, happened yesterday)

Oh dear, was I trying to manipulate the election outcome? Shame on me! We have higher authorities that do it so much better than I ever could.

Well, I printed her the map.

On a serious note. Go and vote if, you haven’t done it already. Every vote counts! There is a lot at stake this time!


Second Thoughts



8 thoughts on “To Print or not to Print?

  1. You can vote at any polling station? That’s interesting.

    We have to go to a designated station that’s been assigned to us. Even the advanced polling stations are designated to the voter.
    Well into the 21st century, I don’t understand why online voting hasn’t been figured out yet.

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