OR are you kidding me?



Today’s exciting word for the daily prompt is…hold your horses, drumroll  -patience please, the word is “Or.”

Oh my Goodness, what a challenge it is. There is so much to say…where to start?

Are you kidding me?

Yep, that’s a good start. You have to be kidding me OR is it really all you guys can come up with? And if so, what is next OR maybe I shouldn’t ask?

I know, I know…I just figured it out; the next challenge will be the alphabet. There will be a different letter every day and then we will get the task to write about it. Oh, I can’t wait. How much fun it will be. The suspense is killing me OR maybe not.

Now back to today’s word. Let me try to focus for a minute. (That’s hard)

The English language has so many beautiful words, so many funny words, and so many complicated words; it can’t be too difficult to come up with something better than OR.

An old fashioned dictionary could do the trick, open it each day at a different page and voila -problem solved.





13 thoughts on “OR are you kidding me?

  1. Oder? as every Zürcher seem to add at the end of each sentence – not all but most. What is an inspiring word – for me? I don’t know. I just do them because I probably have nothing better to do. I am a sufferer for punishment it seems. Perhaps I just want to keep up with the english language. I find myself more and more delving into LEO when I write my pieces to find out what the word in english is..

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