Gone from the Future




When I was young, I looked at the older me

saw the vision of what I longed to become.

I could see myself dancing in the future

whirling along a path, that hadn’t been built yet.


I saw my hopes and wishes, they all had come true

in a far distance, hidden from today.

Now I am gone; there is nothing left,

the dancing has stopped, the visions have ended.


I want to come back, watch myself again

in a distant time so far away.

It’s too dark now to see the flight of my dreams

there is no light left to shine on its way.


Hiding right now, I can feel the presence

of a power, that can turn on the light.

Hope is needed to see the future again

and me twirling in it while dancing in peace.


(11/17/2016 The Happy Quitter)











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