Smile when your heart is breaking!



I am still shocked and confused by the outcome of the Presidential election, and I am upset with all the people, who so arrogantly thought they know it all.

“Don’t you worry, Trump will never be President, in the end, it all will be fine. The U.S. has a way to stop people like him. We have a constitution and an election process that works.”

Really Sherlock, and how did that work out for you?

I read so much baloney last year, I could sell sandwiches for a lifetime or two.

Well, the election is over now. Hillary Clinton won the public vote, but will not be our next President. Instead, this country will be lead by a TV star and Billionaire, who now will work for us and not for himself. (Yeah right!)

Someone has to be held accountable for our misery. Who is there to blame? Was it Hillary and her lame campaign? Or maybe Bernie Sanders, who dared to run against her. Wait….it was the media and the miserable sensationalism they sell us as journalism these days. Or perhaps it was the gods, who decided that now we have to suffer for a while?

Let’s face it; we are to blame, no one else. We have the technology to do our research, yet so many of us decide instead to swallow social media headlines like gum drops. Many, too many are not even interested in politics, they don’t vote at all.

We are to blame, all of us.

This country is deeply divided, and I don’t see how this can be fixed. I fear all hell will break lose come January 20th and I hope I am wrong. (Please let me be wrong).

I can’t even imagine the damage that can be done, how many laws they will override in no time. The Republicans control it all now -including the supreme court- and many, too many will pay the price.

What am I going to do? What can I do?

I fear for my friends.

My gay friends, they are terrified and fear Pence more than Trump. We will have a Vice President who believes being gay can be cured with therapy. What if all the progress we have made will be undone?

My Muslim friend, who lives here in the United States of America since more than 20 years. She fears she will never see her family again if they aren’t allowed to come visit her. She fears for her children. They were born here, but have now the “wrong” religion.

What about my African American friends, who fear that racism will be on the rise, now since a white supremacist has been appointed Chief of Staff.

And then there I am, the one who fears to lose health insurance -once again. But maybe that’s not so important, compared to the fear of others.

What can I do? What is my role in this mess? I was wondering about that, tried to find a solution I could live with. Will I continue to speak up, or just go with the flow?

There is nothing I can do, I thought and then we went out for breakfast.

We sat in the corner at Bob Evans and waited for our meals to be served. The restaurant was full -as always- and I looked around. What an interesting mix of people, young and old people enjoying a meal. I saw two young Muslim women in the very back, they sat in a corner and ate their breakfast. I could hear them talk, they both were born here; they spoke fluently without an accent.

One looked up and our eyes locked. I felt like an intruder, I could see her facial expression; she didn’t look worried, but I could tell she didn’t feel comfortable. At that moment I smiled at her, gave her the biggest smile I could come up with, and I meant it. She smiled back at me. We understood each other, words were not needed.

Perhaps this is what we all need to do now. We need to show our support and stand beside minority groups -no matter what.

This is my life, I have to be able to look at myself without being ashamed. Maybe the next 4 years will test my character more than anything. Now it’s time to show what I am made of. Talk the talk and walk the walk. 

I am the born optimist. Always have been, always will be.

This country is a melting pot of different cultures, this is what makes us unique. May it never change!




29 thoughts on “Smile when your heart is breaking!

  1. I feel it is all out of my control- all I can do is be my best self and try to pay it forward. I have stopped reading the paper about Trump- I have stopped listening to the news. I can’t change what I can’t control and that is how it will be for 4 years. It is too painful to allow myself to waste anymore time thinking about this dictator demagogue so I don’t.

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    • I don’t read the news anymore and canceled the New York Times and I will not watch the inauguration -for the first time.

      My friends, the ones that will be effected by his Presidency, they “make me” deal with him, when I listen to their fears.

      Crazy times and you are right, it is out of our control.

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      • Yes I too feel for the people I know who will be effected – but at some point they have to let go too- it is hard to see the hate that has come to the surface, even here in the NY area where people are usually so open to differences- but again, I just need to focus on being my best- I mouthed off once a few weeks ago telling someone what I thought and realized my anger is simmering too close to the surface and I better reel it in by ignoring and rising above it. When they go low- I’ll go high 🙂

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  2. Dear Blogging Friends, you have not a thing to fear from me. I’m not burning stores, stomping flags, hating people. I get in trouble because I believe all people are alike and have the same needs. I will not separate people into groups. The same blood flows in our veins, we all love our families, we all need jobs, we all need education, health and each other. Why should we look at our minorities as different. As I said, that attitude gets me in trouble. Calling me names doesn’t make it true. You don’t feel much different than I did in 2012. I survived but lots of babies didn’t. If January brings war in the streets it will not be Trump’s people who cause it. Don’t dump me, Bridget. I enjoy you, and it is good to see things from your side. Looking at all the comments on here, it seems that not many speak up with any side except yours. We mostly do not like conflict. Who is “we?” I guess me and my Republican friends.

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    • If you really believe all people are alike and have the same rights, how does it make your feel to see a white supremacist as Chief of Staff?

      How does the Muslim ban makes you feel?

      How does it make you feel that a fetus will have more right than the woman who carries it?

      How does it make you feel if your President calls you a pig?

      How does it make you feel that the KKK held a parade to honor Trump?

      I know people who are Republicans, most of my neighbors are. Neither one of them voted for Trump, they didn’t vote for Hillary either. They sat this one out.

      However one friend of mine voted for Trump and we haven’t spoken since the election. She started to call people the “N” word and I hang up.

      I am glad you like my blog and you are welcomed. However, please remember that I am from Europe, I was raised by a women who had to hide during WWII. Also, I do have an education. 🙂


      • Thanks for your reply. Mostly I care about a person’s worldview more than the labels they wear. Labels given by themselves or by others who stereotype. There was a world of “overspeak” in the campaign. I’m hopeful for good to come. I don’t know why your comment about your education. I certainly did not mean to imply that you are not educated. You are very fluent, well-organized, and interesting. My husband was a child in London during the Blitz. He was evacuated into Wales. Your guardian and he probably have much in common. I would like to put some of his stories on my blog but haven’t done so yet.


  3. I’ve been sitting here looking at my computer screen for a while, emotions and thoughts colliding with one another, trying to figure out how to respond to this post.

    You pose a really good question, Bridget. What can we do? As you said, to assume the answer is ‘nothing’ would be wrong. There is a spill-over happening here too. I call it the Trump-Effect … all the racist, homophobic idiots are coming out of the woodwork, emboldened by the election in the US.

    A few days ago, a young Asian woman was verbally accosted by a man shouting racist slurs at her in a local bank. NO ONE intervened to help her – including the bank staff. This is shameful. Yes, I too am reminded of the behaviour of the Nazis in the 1930s.

    We can’t influence the upper levels of government or the justice system on a day to day basis, but we can influence what happens around us as we go about our daily lives. We all have an obligation to support and defend – even if it’s just a smile of solidarity in a moment of quiet. I dearly hope that I will have the courage and conviction to stand up to help someone in need when / if presented with hateful behaviour.

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  4. I feel like a German citizen in 1932 who didn’t vote for Hitler and I know history and the world will blame us for Trump. And ask, like we did the Germans, “Why didn’t you do something?”
    What, honestly, can I do? He is a tsunami that is going to overtake our country inflaming hate and fear just like Hitler, making all of us more unsafe. It is depressing.

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    • Oh Cindy, you sound like me. I cannot shake the images of Hitler of. The overwhelming feeling of disbelieve that I had as a child, when I learned about it, the feeling is back. Even more disbelieve because we are suppose to be smarter now. We are not, we are dumber. We follow right down that paths even though we know how dangerous it can be. We haven’t learned from history, we never will learn.


  5. I agree the media played a big roll. I also believe that Hillary payed for the Electoral College even though Bernie had the popular vote during the running for Dem seat. (Now she knows how that feels.) I believe the democratic party backed the wrong candidate. If Bernie had been on the ballot I believe he’d have won.
    Writing is good therapy. Thanks for your post! -Fallen

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    • Hillary Clinton won because of the superdelegates, not because of the electoral vote. They had voted for her before they even heard Bernie Sanders. I agree with you, I think Bernie would have won..but then we’ll never know.
      The electoral vote will be cast on December 19th and will go to Trump, because they don’t have the balls to stand up. I still have hope -but not much.

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  6. I’m with you, Bridget. As I crawl out of my post-election depression, my husband and I hope that, at worst, Trump will just make himself a trillionaire on the taxpayers’ backs. Your smile was beautiful and said it all. Standing up for our values is perhaps the best we can do and as you’ve demonstrated, it makes a difference.

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