The Way You Make Me Feel!


I love audiobooks. What a great way to get to know a book by listening to it.

The other day we were working on a project and my helper -the young women I will soon tell you about -and I listened to “A Man Called Ove.” We worked quietly, we were both captured by the story.

When I looked at the clock, it was already 7 pm, and I told her to finish up. She comes by in the evenings and helps me in my workshop from 5 to 7 pm when I have bigger projects.

She finished up, cleaned up her workspace and sat down beside me. “I am in no hurry,” she said, “Let’s listen to another chapter,” and I couldn’t help but smiling. I felt the same way.

I needed to know more about Ove, wanted to get to know him better through the voice of the narrator. I felt like I had stumbled into something unexpectedly beautiful and touching.

I guess that’s what good books do. They make the world around us stop. Our eyes mist, we smile and sigh, we want it to go on, but we aren’t quite sure if we can take much more.

Then, when it’s over, we sit there quietly and drift slowly back into the world around us.

I feel the same way about many of your blogs. Sometimes I just want to come on for a few minutes, and then I get lost and I forget the time when I start reading the posts of my blogging friends. I have laughed and cried with you, I have reached out and have been touched, I laughed myself silly, and I had to wipe away tears.

So many of you give me a glimpse of your lives, so many of you share your joy and your tears with me, and therefore I want to thank you -I don’t think I ever did.

Over the last couple of years, I have built my own private library, and it’s waiting for me anytime I feel like leaving my own little world for just a short while.

It’s an impressive construction that reaches across the globe, high and low and you all are part of it.








24 thoughts on “The Way You Make Me Feel!

  1. I agree, Bridget … although I’ve never indulged in audiobooks. I don’t know why – I just haven’t.
    … but getting immersed in a story or a bunch of different stories via blogging is an entirely different thing. I’ve spent many a night reading until dawn because I couldn’t put a book down. Or thinking I’ll just read a few blogs and the next thing I know, a few hours have passed. Reading is being transported to another world in a way a movie or TV will never accomplish for me.

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    • When I was young I read books to a tape recorder, back then we brought them to a home for the blind. (Yes, I am that old.) I could read all the books I wanted for free -it was like paradise.

      I didn’t like audiobooks, thought it wouldn’t be my thing until someone evil aka best friend sent me one. She made me listen to it (not kidding) and I enjoyed it tremendously.

      For me it’s the voice of the narrator that makes it or breaks it.

      If you haven’t read, “A man called Ove,” please get it. I am certain you will like it.


  2. I feel the same way about blogs and books!
    And the note about how good books bring you in like the that – I could see you and the assistant engaged
    And I have s few writers who do this for me when I visit their blogs – maybe even the way you did just now – but can’t overdo the praise with being so new to your blog – anyhow
    I stopped in France about thirty times this fall-
    With the burgundy book about an American guy who went to France to make wine –
    It was a dollar book (former best seller on closeout)
    And huge surprise each time I opened and could even jump around (shhh) – open book and have France – close book and back to east coast life

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  3. The feeling is mutual!I too love reading blogs and at the same time being a part of such a wonderful community.I so enjoy reading your posts!Keep going!!
    Please could you share where did you happen to listen to the audio book?You have written so beautifully about it that the feeling just became contagious!!

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