Dear Diary, soon it will be 1976



December 9th, 1975

Dear Diary,

I am so glad you are my friend. I carry your key around my neck or hide it in my room, to make sure nobody can read our secrets. Imagine someone would find you, and all my secrets would be spilled and shared with everybody, that would be so humiliating. I can’t even imagine. So much is going on. School is great. I like most of the teachers, but some of them I could do without. Especially the new guy, the young kid, he is different; I don’t like his way of teaching. He is loud and very spectacular, he hasn’t noticed me yet, maybe that’s why I don’t like him.

I am still reading the newspaper, and I cut out the important articles and glue them in a notebook as they told us to. Some of the news is good, some not so much. It’s good to be informed, but it’s so hard to find the right articles. You know, I heard some journalists are making stuff up, and I couldn’t believe it. Imagine you read the wrong paper and believe something and then it turns out to be a lie. I would feel so ashamed.

The world is bigger than I thought it would be. Our teacher said we have to learn about other countries as well. I didn’t get it at first. Why do we have to care about Africa or Asia, and what does it matter who becomes President in the United States of America? That’s all so far away -yet we have to know about it. I wonder, do they know about us as well?

It’s good to know what’s going on in the world. We saw pictures of hungry children in class, nobody complained about lunch that day.

I got new film roles for my birthday, and now I try to decide what pictures to take. The winter festival is coming up, and I thought I might take some pictures then. Many of my friends will be there, and I know Grandma will drive up here as well. The films are so expensive and developing the pictures is pricey as well. I can only spend that much, I still need some of my allowance for some candy and a magazine. Also, I saw a lip gloss that I would like to have, it makes the lips real shiny -I really want to try it.

I saw the boy again, he seems to be new in the village. He looked at me too, we almost talked, but then someone interrupted and we went different ways. I think he likes me too, can’t wait to see him again. I hope no one notices.

I don’t want to be friends with Elisabeth anymore, I really don’t like her, she changed so much. She says she is almost a woman now, but I think she is dumb. She thinks she is better than us, just because she is two years older. I think that just proves that she must be dumb or she wouldn’t be in the same class with me.

I wonder how I can tell her that I don’t like her anymore. I know I can’t say it loud, that would be rude. I have to find a polite and diplomatic way to not be her friend anymore so I won’t hurt her feelings. Dealing with people really gets trickier when you get older.  I am 12 years old and I am a teenager now, I have to learn “stuff” like that.

Light’s will be out shortly, it’s almost 9 pm. I will write to you tomorrow.

Good night my friend.

Little me (41 years ago)

Just for clarification, I didn’t write this 41 years ago, I wrote it today in the morning. I still remember how things have been way back then when I was young. Not everything we had back then was bad, not everything we have today is good. Some things I miss!






28 thoughts on “Dear Diary, soon it will be 1976

  1. I love your writing style! Your post made me think of my own childhood, and now I have a huge grin on my face. Yes, I remember how life used to be before computers were everywhere and when people actually kept secrets to themselves (gasp!). Blimey, I must be really, really old…….

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  2. Well played, Bridget 🙂 I doubt I could channel 12-year-old me again.

    You contrasted it well between the old diaries we kept vs children today. I haven’t seen a FB page of a typical 12-year-old today, but I really hope they have parent guidance on what is appropriate to share and what isn’t.
    What was the most striking for me though was the discussion about camera film and the cost to develop it … how we had so little money and compromises always had to be made on how our money was spent.
    Wait … that sounds a lot like today … 😉

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  3. The little you sounds a bit like the little me, Bridget. The journey into adulthood seems universal in some ways. I was talking with my husband yesterday about social media and how some of it is so fast and flashy and impulsive, devoid of care about feelings and consequences. It’s one of the reasons why I like blogging… it’s a little more real. It takes time and gives me a chance to consider my words before I hit that button!

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  4. Oh, this takes me back to my young innocent days. Thanks for the nostalgia. =) I had diaries when I was growing up too. I can relate to a lot of what you wrote here; fear of people reading my diary, school, and friendships. I have always been a writer and I suppose you have too. Do you think we are born with the need to write? I think we must be since I can not remember consciously developing it…it has just always been there.

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