Santa’s Moody Little Helper!


I feel a little like Santa’s Helper. People just forget to bring me cookies. 

Every year before Christmas I have it all figured out. I schedule the projects and leave a little bit of room for last minute ideas, and it works great unit Thanksgiving. Then they start pushing in.

Strangers call, “Hey I got your number from XYZ, I need this done for Christmas.”

“No problem Sir, if you mean Christmas 2017.” CLICK… some just don’t get my sense of humor.

Then my customers and designers start to call as well and they are evil. They all get this childlike voice, and they start to sound like magical creatures on the other line. There I was, thinking I would be a great story teller. Nope, they are and they lay it on thick.

“You are my only hope.”  (Obi-Wan?)

“My Grandfather brought this chair with him from (wherever Grandfather was coming from). I want to give it to my son before it’s too late.” (You are 48 or so, you look healthy WTH is your problem?)


I don’t know exactly how they do it, but they all succeed. I suspect they have secret meetings, but I can’t proof it. Some even bribe me.

“I pay you a little extra.” (You betcha, I just added 20% to the quote)

However, Sundays were off limit. That’s my day. That’s when I stay in my lounge pants all day and we binge watch TV or he binge watches football and I blog, or clean, or just sit there doing nothing.

Yesterday in the afternoon the phone rang and I answered it. (What was I thinking).

“I got your number from…would you please allow me to send you a picture?”  (Dangit, he is polite, that’s not fair. One can’t be a smartarse when they are polite, one just can’t.)

He sent me a couple of pictures of a stunning corner bench.

“I built this for my wife, I want to surprise her for Christmas. She always wanted one in our kitchen.” (Awe…how cute is that?)

So he needs two custom-made cushions for the benches and each one of them is a mile long. (Piece of cake)

“Maybe if you tell me where to get the foam I buy it, and then just wrap fabric around it and you can do the rest later.” (Oh, good grieve)

So, I sent him to the fabric store today in the morning -10 am sharp- and I meet him afterward in my workshop. (I am waiting) I added a bottle of “19 crimes” to the quote, even told him where to get it. (Not kidding)

I added a bottle of “19 crimes” to the quote, even told him where to get it. (Not kidding)

So there goes my Sunday.

The coming week will be insane and I won’t have much extra time. I miss you all and read your posts whenever I take a break -or two.

Things here at The Happy Quitter will be back to normal after Christmas. (OK almost normal)








10 thoughts on “Santa’s Moody Little Helper!

  1. Reminds me of a saying I used to have when I was working – “a lack of planning on your part does not constitute a crisis on my part”.

    … and yes, I always said it under my breath and did it anyway :/

    Good luck this week, Bridget. Christmas will arrive whether you’re ready or not 🙂

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