A Healthy Pity Party


I think that’s one of the prompts where I am supposed to say, “No, I don’t mope -never,” and it would be such a lie, because I do and I am good at it.  Not just good, I need it and there is nothing wrong with it -at least not in my books. 

“There is no time for moping!” Oh, yes there is -let me tell you.

Life doesn’t always go my way. Life throws me some curveballs, mostly when I don’t expect it all. Moping doesn’t solve anything, but it feels right sometimes. Perhaps it gives me the needed break from reality when I pull a blanket over my head, and it allows me to forget the rest of the world for a just a short while. 

Nothing beats a healthy pity party. I know what I am talking about, I had a few, and they were all well deserved.

Me, the happy quitter, the one who is always upbeat and optimistic, how can I ever feel gloomy? How can someone, who is always full of energy and filled with enthusiasm all of a walk around aimless without any energy and purpose?

It happens so quickly.

A health diagnoses that rocks our world, the loss of people we love. Setbacks in our private life or in business. Many things can take our breath away, they leave us feeling helpless and defeated. Even the result of an election can leave us wanting to crawl under a rock. 

Life is not perfect and the realization can hurt at times.

All of a sudden the wind stops, and our sailboat is floating aimingless at sea for a while and there is not much we can do. We can only wait for the wind to pick up.

I am a fighter; I fight back at whatever life throws at me. But before I do, I take the time to feel sorry for myself. For a short time I wonder, “Why me?” and I mope around for a few hours, sometimes even for a day or two, but it’s quickly followed by “Why not me?”

That’s when the pit party is over. That’s when I get in fighting mode-because I want to, not because I have to.





9 thoughts on “A Healthy Pity Party

  1. Pity parties are therapeutic. It gives us time to come to terms with our disappointment/anger/frustration/hurt before we move on. Yes, I’ve had my own pity parties of varying length and out of them always comes a renewed commitment to forge ahead. We mope to cope 🙂
    As restlessjo said, let’s hope we have fewer things to mope about in 2017!!

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