Santa’s Kindle Stuff


Santa brought me a tablet for Christmas. Furthermore, this year Santa tried to be very sneaky and he used the Amazon account of a good friend instead of our own, to hide his tracks from Mrs. Santa.

Santa looked so happy on Christmas day. I just couldn’t do anything else then show joy and happiness over my new tablet. I put it right beside the tablet I already own and sighed inside -just a little bit.

“You wished for an Amazon Fire right?” he asked and sat beside me with a look of satisfaction. Yes, Santa was proud of himself; I could tell.

I had mentioned once that I wanted a kindle paperwhite, but we never talked about it any further.

“I was reading up on the KINDLE-STUFF and Amazon told me that the Fire tablet would be the better deal for you.”

“Amazon told you?” I wondered and tried to imagine how it had happened.

“A window opened when I searched for the KINDLE-STUFF,” he explained and I had to laugh inside. I could picture him sitting in front of the computer at his friend’s house in total confusion. God, I love this man.

“A tablet is so much better,” and he went on to explain to me what I could do with it. “You go online with it, you stream and watch movies and read as well,” and he went on and on.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“I know Honey, ah Santa,” we are doing it almost every night. By DOING I mean streaming. Has he not noticed the tablet in my hands?

Yesterday, finally I had the heart and told him that I will “trade” the tablet for a kindle paperwhite. The word “paperwhite” brought back memories and Santa tried to remember.

“Isn’t it all the same anyway?” he asked and I was wondering how to explain it to him.

“It’s like you have an SUV in the garage that you drive every day, and then you decide you want a second car, a nice little convertible just for road trips, and somebody talks you into another SUV instead.” Santa understood.

Today in the morning I went online to order the kindle paperwhite and I looked at the questions and answers from other users -as I always do.

One stood out. A customer wanted to know if he could get a stylish cover for the kindle and I laughed out loud:

Question: can you get a stylist for a kindle
Answer: You can technically get a stylist, but shampoo will probably ruin the electronics, the hair dryer will melt the plastic, and any clothes on it will still make it look square.

Don’t you love people’s humor?





10 thoughts on “Santa’s Kindle Stuff

  1. hahaha! Our husbands do try. They really do … and then it gets lost somewhere in their logic.

    I wanted a new GPS. I NEEDED a new GPS because my old one died. I had complained to my husband that I was not impressed with Garmin products. I had had several and they all died prematurely.

    You guessed it. He got me a Garmin GPS. Yup – they’re so cute when they try … well, except on the days when we want to smother them because they haven’t paid attention to what we said 😉

    I loved your analogy. Good one .. I’ll have to remember it 🙂

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