Where to? – Friday Fictioneers



Photo prompt C.E. Ayr


Every time I see train tracks I feel a longing inside me, a yearning that I cannot explain.

A train ride, that’s the only time I know for sure where I am going.

There is no turning left or right, it’s a straight line to my destination.

The in between is filled with moving pictures. People, cars, and houses pass by my window for a short while. The world outside doesn’t stand still while I am moving.

I can’t help but think about leaving right now, to a place far away with peace and harmony, to a place where people get along.

(Wordcount: 100)

Rochelle Wishoff-Field, the brilliant author, and blogger gives a new photo prompt every Wednesday. The Friday Fictioneers is a 100-word challenge. “Make every word count,” that’s the idea behind it and sometimes, like today, it’s indeed a challenge when I want to go on and on. 🙂


28 thoughts on “Where to? – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Very lyrical and rhythmic like I imagine riding a train would be. I like the line “The world outside doesn’t stand still while I am moving. “

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  2. It’s true, that it is one or the few times you know were you are going, unless one gets on the wrong train 🙂. Loved the story,


  3. Dear Bridget,

    I feel like asking Toto if he thinks there really is such a place and breaking into “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” Nonetheless, I love the story. I took a long train trip last spring and really enjoyed it. Nicely done.




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