Where to? – Friday Fictioneers



Photo prompt C.E. Ayr


Every time I see train tracks I feel a longing inside me, a yearning that I cannot explain.

A train ride, that’s the only time I know for sure where I am going.

There is no turning left or right, it’s a straight line to my destination.

The in between is filled with moving pictures. People, cars, and houses pass by my window for a short while. The world outside doesn’t stand still while I am moving.

I can’t help but think about leaving right now, to a place far away with peace and harmony, to a place where people get along.

(Wordcount: 100)

Rochelle Wishoff-Field, the brilliant author, and blogger gives a new photo prompt every Wednesday. The Friday Fictioneers is a 100-word challenge. “Make every word count,” that’s the idea behind it and sometimes, like today, it’s indeed a challenge when I want to go on and on. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Where to? – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Very lyrical and rhythmic like I imagine riding a train would be. I like the line “The world outside doesn’t stand still while I am moving. “

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  2. Lovely and reflective. I would like to go to that place, too. Our trains here have become so chaotic and most often late that you never quite know how and if you get where you want to.

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  3. It’s true, that it is one or the few times you know were you are going, unless one gets on the wrong train 🙂. Loved the story,


  4. Dear Bridget,

    I feel like asking Toto if he thinks there really is such a place and breaking into “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” Nonetheless, I love the story. I took a long train trip last spring and really enjoyed it. Nicely done.




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